Summer Free Printables: Reading+Surprises+Activities= Fun!

Summer time in our country is over but then it is still summer in some parts of the world! For kids, summer is a great time to do fun stuff but they should not skip reading time. Since there are already many blogs that  gave us a list of summer activities and summer reading list, I have created some free Summer Printables that would go with those. This printable combines reading and summer activities together!

This set of printable is comprised of 5 pages. One page for the reading list of what books your kids would be reading. Make sure that you will let them write down the date they read it, the title of the book and how many minutes they have read it. You can then create your own system on how to give them surprises because other than the reading log, we have here some Summer Surprise Chips.

Summer Surprise Chips are these circles that you can see. In each circle, there are different pictures on it that corresponds to a certain activity or surprise that your kids will get every time they achieve a certain reading time or they finished reading a particular number of books. Say, you can tell your kids that if they finish five books, they can get a surprise chip from your container. Then, you have to be creative with the activities. For example, if your kids get the tent image, you would go camping at night. If they get the beach ball, you will go to the beach. If they get the balloon, you will bring them somewhere to get balloons and so on and so forth. You can also create your own activities and surprises based on the image. There are 3 pages for the chips. Two of them have images on them while the other one was left blank so you can decide on what other images you can paste on them. Place those chips on a container. In my example, I placed it on a mug so that the contents will not be seen. No peeking! Remember that the activities are all surprises. Well, even you would be surprised.

These are the chips included in the printables:

Suggested activities/ surprises:
1. Tent- Camping
2. Beach Ball- Go to the beach
3. Ice Cream- A yummy ice cream treat!
4. Balloons- Get balloons or go to the park/ amusement park
5. Postcard- Write a friend/ loved one or send them a postcard
6. Popcorn with movie tickets- Watch a great movie (and make sure you won't forget the popcorn)
7- Bicycle- Teach them to ride the bicycle/ ride the bicycle somewhere/buy them a bicycle
8. Lemonade- Create a lemonade stand or just make lemonades for them
9. Burger, fries and drinks- Well, get them these snacks!
10. Chef hat- Do baking together
11. Flower in a pot- Go gardening 
12. Paint brush- Paint and do some creative activities related to painting
13. Shopping bags- Well, go shopping. You can buy them some additional stuffs for their collections
14. Car- Go on a road trip! Or buy your little boy a new toy car
15. Guitar- Teach them to play music instruments or buy them some
16. Candy- Give them a bunch of yummy sweets!
17- Elephant- Go to the zoo
18. Slide- Bring them to the playground/ park
19. Ferris Wheel- Bring them to the amusement park
20- Books- Get more books to read or go to the library
21- Trees- Have fun outdoors like have a picnic or just play under the sun
22- Scissors- Do some fun kids crafts
23- Microphone- Sing your hearts out!

Make sure that you will pick activities that are possible to do anytime. If your kids did good in their Summer Reading, then give them these Reading Super Star badges that come in two colors, red and blue. You can give the red one for your little girl and the blue one for your little boy. 

These stars will make them feel that all their reading was so worth it while they had fun for every surprise and activities they did. With this, your kids would have the best Summer ever!

You can get these printables from my DeviantArt page.  Scroll down from that page and you will see a Download File button on the lower right with file size of 11.0 MB. If you cannot download it from there, leave your email in the comment section below or reach me using the contact form.

I have created two types of files. One are in jpg format while the other is in pdf format. Choose which one you'd like to use. But both of them give the same results. Have fun! And by the way, let me know if you used it and if you had a great summer time with the kids using these printables. 

You can also use these even when it is not for summer reading. The chips can be used to reward your kids or to just make them smile! It will now be called Super Fun Surprise Chips but the contents are just the same. You can also get this when you download it. You can either click on the image below or download the full pack here.

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