Breastfeeding in Public- Why NOT?

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It is sad to think that something natural is not accepted by some people. Breastfeeding is a good way to nurture babies but once a mother nurses her baby in public, many people tend to forget this.

Breastfeeding in Public- Why NOT?

I saw a story in Yahoo wherein Jackie Johnson-Smith breastfed her baby in a restaurant and received this note from the waitress:

Image from Yahoo as Courtesy of Jackie Johnson-Smith
Her story moved me. The article, Breastfeeding Note From Pizza Waitress Pays It Forward rings a bell. You can check the story as well.

I am still breastfeeding Bella until now (she is turning 2 next month) and I am not ashamed of doing it even on the public. I was oblivious to the fact that in some countries, they look at breastfeeding as something that needs to be done in private. But what if the baby gets hungry while you are in a public place?

It is time that people will have a wider and deeper perspective on this. Breastfeeding is not about exposing a mom's breast but it is about feeding a baby. I breastfeed Bella even when we are in a public vehicle or in restaurants because I think of her sake first instead of thinking of what others will say. If grown-ups can eat in public, why can't babies eat in public in the form of breastfeeding? If only people can think of the real value of breastfeeding, then they will surely appreciate moms who breastfeed their babies.

In our country, it is okay for us to breastfeed in public but of course, there are still breastfeeding areas in shopping malls. Some people who are open-minded would not be bothered seeing a breastfeeding mom but there are still some who look at it as improper. The truth is, it is not the act of moms that is improper. It is the dirty thoughts of those looking. If only they would just put aside their dirty minds and think about the benefits the baby can get from breastfeeding, then they will surely be able to understand it.

Since I do breastfeeding in public, allow me to share with you some tips on how to do it. Well, the first thing you need is the determination to keep your baby healthy and then everything else will follow. Aside from that, take note of these points:

1. Wear clothes that have buttons or zippers on the front. It could be a two-piece outfit or a dress. Just be sure that you can open your clothes easily and be able to breastfeed without exposing a lot of skin.

2. You can also bring with you a poncho, a shawl so you can drape it over the exposed part of your breast.

3. Scout for places where you can do breastfeeding. When in a restaurant, breastfeed on a corner or on areas where people won't directly see you like an out-of-the-way table. Face away from people.

breastfeed public

Breastfeeding is best for babies, for mommies and even for the entire family. It has so many advantages like protecting the baby from different diseases and it can also help moms in so many marvelous ways. Why would we let our babies cry and fuss when we breastfeeding can make them feel calm?

Breastfeeding is my perfect way of taking care of Bella and no one else can do that for her. I know moms who breastfeed can relate to this. Some moms even struggle a lot from breast engorgement and pain but still breastfeed. While others have that strong desire to breastfeed their babies but are unable to do it because of some reasons. Moms who are able to breastfeed would grasp the chance to provide healthy milk to the babies. Breastfeeding is our way of showing love. And no one can stop us from loving.

I am a breastfeeding mom and I am confident of this decision that I have made even before Bella was born. I am confident of feeding my baby even in public because I know this will make her healthy. If other people think that this is a malicious act, then I do not care. Their dirty thoughts is a mark of ignorance. They are unconcerned of the welfare of babies and moms. Then, why be bothered about these people?

If you are a breastfeeding mom, be brave enough to feed your baby even in public. After all, the breasts were made not for lusting but for breastfeeding.

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17 (mga) komento

  1. I breastfed our son for 21 months and coped with changing my diet since he has food allergies.
    I never once got a negative reaction from breastfeeding him in public.
    In fact, I often had older ladies say such complimentary things about my cover up or how healthy it is to breastfeed.

  2. Way to go mama! I don't have a problem breastfeeding my 9 month old boy in public, I personally think that I am quite skilled so that most people don't even realize what I am doing. I have never been approached by someone telling me that I can't or shouldn't be breastfeeding. I hope that is the case for most moms, that articles like this one are actually beginning to do their job and normalize brestfeeding. Thanks :)

  3. I breastfed both of mine, and although I kept myself covered, I did it where and when I needed to. If someone thinks that's wrong, maybe they need some therapy or something, but it's silly.

  4. My son is only 5 months but I have been breastfeeding him in public since day 1 and I have never gotten the "thank you" but I have never had anyone look at me twice as if there was something wrong. It seems in my community it is just normal and that is great!!

  5. I am currently still breastfeeding my daughter who is 16 months. It has been a very great experience and now that I have done it...I find it hard to imagine having done it any other way. Although I certainly understand that its not always easy for some daughter just happened to take to it very well. I haven't breastfed too much in public..not really because I care too much about how people feel about it but I'm just a very private and shy person. I have done it several times in the car....and I would always take advantage of nursing rooms when she was smaller. The only thing that really bothers me is now that my daughter is getting older...I'm getting a lot of people asking "When are you going to wean her??" Its getting really annoying because I want to let it be a natural thing.....and its just obvious from the way they ask that they are judgmental about it. I'm just ignoring it as best as I can and staying strong to my convictions. The average world age to stop breast feeding is 5..only in America do people encourage or think you need to stop at the age of 1 exactly...its ridiculous!!

  6. Great tips - thanks for sharing for other breastfeeding mothers!

  7. I don't have any problem with women breastfeeding in public. I don't care if they try to hide it or not, but for myself, I am more comfortable in a quiet (alone) place. Also, my baby is much more easily distracted from nursing if we have so many people around.

  8. I love these tips. I find myself in bathroom stalls putting TP down on toilet seats just so I can sit "comfortably" while I breastfeed. I have nursed in public occasionally, but I feel so nervous that others are watching me that my letdown takes too long. Why does that 1 person who looks at me in judgement supersede the 10 others who smile and accept?

  9. Thanks for all your comments mommies! Breastfeeding is really one thing that needs to be accepted by all even when done in public. Although, not all people look at it negatively, we are still affected by their stares. I wasn't told by anyone to stop doing it but the stares can really tell that they are a bit judgmental. Like one of the comments, people would also ask me when I am going to wean her! Thanks you for reading this post. Hugs to all breastfeeding moms and to those that supports breastfeeding in public!

  10. I bf my daughter in public without ever having any problems. I would have to go to quiet areas, for she just would not nurse when it was noisy (she was nosy). I plan to bf my coming child as well whenever and wherever! I really don't see what the big deal is media makes of it!

  11. I am all for nursing the babies as much as I can. But I could't do breast feeding myself more than 3 months with my children due to lack of milk and baby's latching problems. I also had other health complications which prevented me from doing this. And I have always felt guilty about it even though there was nothing I could do to make it change. I do support breast feeding moms wholeheartedly since I know the blessing I have missed. Thanks for the great post! :)

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  13. I breastfed in public with both my kids and would never have shied away from it and was never asked not too. If I had I would have been quick to defend my rights.

  14. I don't have a problem when people breastfeed in public if they cover up with a poncho or blanket or something. The time I have a problem is when my 13 year old son is seeing women's exposed breasts, even if it's only a little bit. He doesn't need that in his life, and I as a mother don't appreciate when women feel the need to expose themselves to my son. A blanket isn't hard to have on hand.

  15. Love this!!! I'm still breastfeeding my 15 month old and recently he has refused to nurse in public with the cover! We live in Arizona and it's hot so I honestly don't blame him. Also, we do it whenever he wants in our house so why should he not be able to when he wants in public right? Right! I've had to make adjustments like you are saying to try to not expose to much skin, etc because like you said, our babies' health is the most important thing and sometimes, he needs the comfort especially if we are somewhere where he doesn't know the people around. He goes go nursing because it's safe. Awesome post! <3

  16. To the post from anonymous....perhaps you should worry more about your son seeing girls walking around with their boobs hanging out in skimpy outfits being sexual rather than moms feeding their babies.....

  17. I agree with Anonymous 3 that it is better to see moms breastfeeding their babies than seeing girls with hanging boobs. We really have to keep an open mind on this. As for you Anonymous 2, you have to educate your son that breastfeeding is not a malicious thing. You should explain to him its value so he will learn to respect moms who breastfeed in public.

    By the way, thanks a lot for all your lovely comments. We should stand for our rights to breastfeed in public because nothing is wrong with it. Hugs!


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