My First Guest Post: Mom and Baby Bonding - A Breastfeeding Wonder

I had the opportunity to write a guest post for The Pistachio Project, a blog by Brittany Thomas. The guest post is in line with the celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week. it was my first guest post woot! The story was about mom and baby bonding as a result of breastfeeding. I shared my personal experience about it and also included some points that would help develop attachment for moms and babies. One of my favorite line in the post is this:

breastfeeding quote

Go ahead check my guest post at The Pistachio Project. Feel free to leave your comments too.


  1. I am an avid breatfeeding supporter myself. My first bf until he was 18 months (2 weeks before I gave birth to my daughter) and then I bf my daughter until she was 28 months old.

    It is all about love and truthfully is such an amazing bonding experience with your children. Of course it is totally the best thing you can do for your littles as well but loved all the other aspects of it as well.

  2. I was so disappointed when I suddenly stopped producing breast milk when she my daughter was 5 months, because I had plans to breastfeed until she weaned herself off,