DIY Craft: Finger Family Puppets

Bella loves to sing the nursery rhyme "Where is Thumbkin?" especially the version wherein the fingers were Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister and Baby entitled, "Finger Family" There was a time when she was singing in front of the computer while the video was playing and I thought of making her finger puppets so that she will enjoy singing even more. And so I did, even if I had so much work to do. Well, our kids could really urge us to pause for a while and do things for them- even silly ones. lol

So, today, I'll share to you how I made finger puppets. It is actually very easy to make. You can see the picture of these puppets on my fingers because I find it hard to take a picture of it on Bella's fingers.

Finger Puppets

And now for the very simple and easy how to:

1. Draw the characters on a paper. Make it small like the size of your thumb. But you have to check on the size of your kid's fingers. If you don't like to draw, then you can cut out some pictures. You can even place your family's pictures on it. After drawing or choosing a photo, trim the sides.
2. Cut some strip of paper and glue the characters on top of them. Then meet both ends of the paper strip to form a ring like seen on image 2 above. Make sure it fits your kid's fingers.
3. You are done and can now sing along the video below:

Enjoy the song with your kids! Bella loved them and I'm sure your kids will like them too.

This is the only "better" picture I had with the finger family on Bella's. She moves a lot and it is really hard to take a picture of her playing with these. 


  1. That is really cute! I bet my daughter is at just the right age for finger puppets. :-) Thanks for the idea.

  2. How fun! I bet my 3 year old nephew would have fun with these.

  3. Great idea ...

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  4. Very cute, my little daycare kiddos will love this. Rhonda

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  6. So lil guys would love this!