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Lalaloopsy Bedroom Furniture and Accessories for Your Little Love's Bedroom

12:43:00 AM

I missed working on Lalaloopsy posts and I decided to create a list of lovely Lala stuffs. If you want to have a Lalaloopsy bedroom for your little girl, then these are the basic things you need for the bedroom. I have gathered beds, bed covers, pillow covers and other things needed for sleeping. Check out the list I have below:

1. Lalaloopsy Plastic Toddler Bed

2. Lalaloopsy Twin Bed

3. Lalaloopsy Twin / Full Comforter

I am sure you will agree with me that these are so cute :) But these will not yet complete your bedroom. I'll share to you another list where you can find more items for the bedroom. It would include curtains, storage boxes and many others. So, keep posted for other Lalaloopsy fab finds!

Disclosure: Some items above are affliate links. The author of this blog will be compensated once you purchase from the link.

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10 (mga) komento

  1. oh my goodness my daughter would flip out of the bed! She has the bed sheets already.,

  2. I'm waiting for my daughters to discover Lalaloopsy! They're so cute!

  3. So adorable. Wish my daughter was young enough to still fit in such a small bed.

  4. Holy toledo I had NO idea LaLaLoopsy had all of these accessories! They're adorable. My daughter would love that :) I'm looking forward to the next compilation also!

  5. Super cute! Firm believer bright colorful bedroom motif will land any child on the happy side of the bed when they get up.

  6. These are indeed cute! Our little girls would surely love to have all these in their bedrooms. But yah, it may cost a lot

  7. So so cute. You come up with awesome ideas. These ideas will surely make my little cousins happy to see this kind decoration for there bedrooms. Thanks for sharing this creative post.

  8. Thanks for decided to create a list of lovely Lala stuffs. I need a Lalaloopsy bedroom for my little girl. How possible?


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