DIY Foodie: Macaroni Pasta Pizza

Pizza is love. Well, not all of us like eating pizzas but most of us love them! We are used to eating pizza with a crust made from flour. But today, I will show you a different kind of pizza. The crust is made from pasta! Check out this recipe:

What You Need:

2 pc (large) eggs (beaten)
⅓ cup evaporated milk
2 ½ tbsp all-purpose flour
3 ½ tbsp cheese (grated)
100 grams chicken breast (cooked with dash of salt, then diced) or you can also use meat from leftover food but be sure that food is still good and not stale
½ cup cooked green peas
250 grams spaghetti sauce
Slices of pineapple


1. You do not have to cook the pasta. Just mix them with eggs (beat it first), then add milk, flour, cheese, chicken or meat, peas and Macaroni. Season with iodized fine salt and a bit of pepper. Mix well.

2. When the mixture is ready, heat skillet or non stick pan with oil. Measure 1 cup of macaroni mixture into it and flatten into an even layer. Cook for 2 minutes then flip to cook other side.

3. After cooking the macaroni, add some sauce on top while it is still on the pan. Then remove from pan. Sprinkle with grated cheese, add some pineapple slices on top and your macaroni pizza is done!

The measurements above could make 5 servings but it actually depends on how big your pizza is. You can also cook the pasta first if you want to but if you fry it raw, it will just be cooked with the frying and it will turn out a bit crunchy. This is very delicious! My mother cooked this two times already and it is indeed a yummy snack. Why don't you try it too?


  1. How interesting and unique this is! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe... looks delish :) I always like to try different things because I'm not creative AT ALL.

  2. That sounds delish. I never thought about using chicken with macaroni noodles or cheese even though we love Alice Chicken a lot.

  3. This sounds great. I bet my kids would like it.