A Sun in the Storm

A super typhoon is coming. Everyone in our place is worried but prepared. This typhoon has an International name Haiyan but when it enters the Philippines, it will be called Yolanda.

People have evacuated to schools and other safe areas and different agencies have prepared for the worst. As of now, the typhoon is nearing our place.You can see the image below where the storm is still approaching our country. We live in Palo, Leyte, Eastern Visayas and it is currently Storm Signal No.4 here. This storm is said to be the most powerful typhoon in 2013 according to the US meteorologist and is classified as super typhoon Category 5.

Okay. So much about all that typhoon info.

We have prepared everything from batteries to food. But still I am worried and scared. This would be the strongest typhoon I'll ever experience in my entire life. Sigh.

We are just waiting for the power interruption. While there is still electricity, I am writing this. My prayer goes to all the Filipinos especially those who are in the evacuation centers, those who are near the seas, near mountains and each and everyone who are in their homes. I am worried because hubby is not with us. He is with his parents. I asked him to stay with us but no one will accompany his parents who are both sick. Okay. We are with my parents anyway. The thing is, we are both worried that he is there and we are here. We pray for each other's safety and have constant communication.

While everyone is worrying, Bella is just playing. Just the same- scattered toys, jumping on the bed, running to and fro, and she is even watching Mickey Mouse on YouTube right now as I blog.

While everyone is worrying, Bella is optimistic that the sun is coming instead of a storm coming. She said, "The sun is coming! It's coming on a hot day!" I laughed at her and told her that there is a strong typhoon. I told her about the strong winds and swaying trees. But she just said "No, the sun is coming."

With what Bella said, I guess we just have to be optimistic. Instead of worrying, we'd better stay calm and prepared while eyeing for that sun to come. It is better to keep an eye on the good things than to dwell with the negative ones. Like what they said, "There is always a rainbow after the rain."

Bella is our sun in the storm because no matter how scary things become, she will make things look a lot better. She is our source of strength and because of her we are more determined to get through this super typhoon.

So, I guess we have to stay calm and entrust everything to Jehovah God. No typhoon is stronger than our God so we need not fear. He will keep us safe and yes, we will look forward for the sun to come.


  1. Stay safe! I just read about the typhoon online and it looks like a scary one! I lived in Japan for two years and remember typhoon season all too well. Fortunately, we only had one big one and it wasn't nearly as big as this one looks! Thinking of you!

  2. I like in South Florida, I am so familiar with this image, we have to be prepared especially this time of the year.

  3. Stay safe! What a darling your little girl is! The Lord can certainly keep you safe. :)

  4. Posting in behalf of the Author.

    There was indeed a Sun in the Storm as the whole family survived the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.
    Kareen Liez is my mentor. I received an SMS from her this morning asking me to tell all of you guys that she currently have no internet access as electricity has not yet been reconnected in Leyte. She apologizes that she cannot be with us online for the time being. But would love to hear from you. I'll be more than happy to extend your thoughts or queries to her.
    There will still be Pink Heart String. There will still be happy thoughts. There will always be a Sun in the Storm with all the love and prayers we share for each and every victim of the recent calamity.
    Great day PHS lovers!