Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2013

This year had been a good for my blog because it has grown a lot which was unexpected. Hence, I'd like to do a recap of the top favorite posts in my blog.

1. 15 Cute Kiddy Doll Photos
2. 25 Diaper Cake Ideas for a Ravishing Baby Shower
3. 10 Creepy Truths Behind Nursery Rhymes
4. Father's Role in Child Development
5. DIY Craft: Finger Family Puppets
6. Coming Soon Lalaloopsy Dolls 2013
7. Breastfeeding in Public: Why Not?
8. Kids on Social Media: Pros and Cons
9. Will Technology Make Teachers Jobless?
10. DIY Foodie: Rose Potato Fries

Hope you'll still stay with me this 2014 for more exciting and interesting posts!


  1. I'll have to check these out! Thanks for posting.

  2. I love this idea of having favorite posts. I would have a hard time picking my favorites. This is my first year blogging and I think all of my posts have been my favorite. I look forward to reading your post for 2104 and seeing which ones you choose as your favorite for next year. All of the above posts are great, and I can see why there are your favorite.

  3. Your "Dads Don't Just Wear Ties" post is awesome - So many men think that if they provide for their children then their job is done, but a Daddy that does not make. You cover so much in that post that hits home, I love it!

  4. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your post on breastfeeding! I nursed all 6 of my kids until at least 18 months, and not once did I feel bad for whipping my boob out in public to feed them :)