What I Learned (And You Should Know) After Typhoon Haiyan

Surprisingly, there are many things that I have learned after the typhoon. Some of them are positive, others are negative and still others are kind of humorous.  But if there is one great thing that I will never forget is this chance for a second life. We owe it all to God for protecting my family and relatives. What happened to us is really life changing. Apart from a temporary home and a new lifestyle, we have a stronger faith-much stronger than what we had before. 

1. There are many people who care about you and are happy that you are alive. (Even those you haven’t met personally.)

2. Other people will help you even if they don’t know who you are. Some would even send cash wherever they are in the world.

3. Foreigners care more about us than some Filipinos politicians.

4. Street talks can be a substitute to news and can either be reliable or not.

5. News are not that reliable too. Some are exaggerated while others are understated.

6. Rumors are exaggerated like the talks that only 40 people were left in Guiuan, Eastern Samar only to find out that there were only 100 casualties.

7. Number of casualties can be reduced to almost 50% just to make things look okay. 

8. Relief goods are usually comprised of rice, sardines and water. But whatever is inside it, we are always thankful.

9. Canned goods from foreign countries are changed to local sardines because Waraynons might not like the taste of imported goods. Or might have an upset stomach after munching on it. Should we be thankful that you care? Ohhh….

10. Packed relief goods from foreign countries needs repacking so that local officials can get their own share even if they were not typhoon victims. (And they won’t admit this even if it is obvious.)

11. Typhoon victims can only avail of the help 100% sure if the foreigners/kind-hearted Filipinos are the ones who personally give them.

12. Sardines can be cooked in many different ways.

13. People are happy to share even if they have little.

14. Our neighbors are not that weird or unfriendly after all.

15. Bathrooms are sturdier than any other parts of the house because most houses only have bathrooms left after the typhoon. *grin

16. Rich people have more loses than the less fortune ones.

17. Cars can fly. Houses can travel from Point A to Point B.

18.  Waraynons will fight for each other and will never let go. Belittling us and pissing us off is a bad idea. You'll end up an internet sensation with a negative impression and the whole world will know that. Right, Mar Roxas?

19. Waraynons remain strong, happy and courageous despite everything that happened. 

20. Higher officials don’t really care. They are just politicizing, loves picture taking while giving out reliefs and are hoping to get our votes for the next election. 

21. Our mayor cares and wouldn't mind if a camera is around as long as he can help. He even drives the vehicle to send relief goods. Well, other Waraynon politicians care too even if they belong to a different political party.

22. You can’t receive relief goods if you did not vote for the present Barangay Captain. If you receive one, you will hear foul words from them.

23. Deaths for calamities are investigated. Too bad they were not able to imprison Haiyan for she got away at once. 

24. Stealing is tolerated, not investigated and thieves are just free to steal more.

25. Looting is allowed only if food and clothing is taken but it can also mean stealing flat screen televisions, smart phones, shoes, books and a lot more. 

26. You need to pay for high priced goods even if you are buying looted goods and even if you are jobless and homeless like the ones selling them.

27. A four hour drive is equivalent to two days walking. A 30 minute drive is equivalent to 4 hours of walking.

28. Even the farthest distance can be reached by foot if: 1) you truly love your family/relatives and is genuinely worried about them that you need to personally check their condition, 2) you are in dire need of food and supplies, 3) you are going to join the looting club.

29. You are accepted by the society if you don’t wear make-up and even if your clothes aren’t fashionable (or ironed.)

30. Material possessions don’t matter. Life does.

What can you say?


  1. What a horrific experience, but you certainly have a resiliency and grateful spirit that is so encouraging and beautiful to read. God did protect you and your family and I am so glad now you can share this story to glorify His name!

  2. I shall not disagree for these were all felt to the bones and through the heart. Such devastation moved/removed lives and not. There are realizations here and there but I am just extremely glad that all of you are alive and fighting. That's the spirit. There's no way we're giving up despite whatever storm. God Bless my ideal fighter!

  3. Wow 40 minutes of drive is 4 hours walking? Pretty crazy to think how much more limited our lives would be without cars.

  4. So it is true, in death there is bawas, as in election there is dagdag bawas, in foriegn relief goods, bawas and substituted...In front of cam, all-smile!. I squirm in embarrassment, Mr. Politicians!

  5. I hope that some sort of normalcy returns to you soon!

  6. What a great perspective - material items don't matter - Life does! It's good to remember that.

  7. My favorite line- Material possessions don’t matter. Life does. Amazing truth that most people will never realize. thanks for linking up with us for MMM link up party. You have made me stop and think and I appreciate that.