Little Luxuries 1: Cute Toddler Bean Bags

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What is Little Luxuries?

Little luxuries refer to anything that you consider precious and valuable. Everything that we get, we have and we create for our little ones are life's little luxuries. These could be crafts we teach them, food we cook for them, stories we tell about them and stuffs we get for them. On my part, I gather some items around the web that I find interesting and share it with you through this. This will be a source of inspiration for future items that me (and you) might acquire or we might even end up creating something similar to these. Thus, as it looks valuable to us (as these might even pop into our minds from time to time), we are creating little luxurious for our little ones.

With that, I decided to have a linky party where mommy blogger around the globe could link up any posts that they can consider as little luxuries. It could be crafts, recipes, tips and others that would speak about our little ones. But before we start the linky party, it wouldn't be complete if I will not show you this week's Little Luxuries: Cute Bean Bags for Toddlers.
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These are cute aren't they? When my daughter saw this, she pointed on the cupcake and the ladybug. I knew it would be her favorites! Which of these items do you find cute and would fit your little one?

Now, it is time for the linky party! Come show us what your little luxuries for this week! Here are the rules:

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And oh, don't forget to leave your comments and tell us which bean bag is your favorite! 

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13 (mga) komento

  1. Love the mickeymouse bean bag, it looks comfy for my daughter :-)

  2. That cupcake beanbag is perfect for kiddos and adults too! So cute!!!

  3. Oh this is super cute! Wish I can find time to do stuff like this nowadays. I miss being full time housewife sometimes because of these! :)

  4. Definitely The Cupcakes Would Be A Hit With My Girls!!

  5. Mickey! We would love to add this to our collection!

  6. Those are super cute! I remember loving my bean bag when I was a kid. We have not bought any for our kids yet but are thinking about it.

  7. The cupcake one is very cute! Nice concept for a blog hop. I hope you are very successful with it!

  8. Too cute! I think the ladybug is the cutest though! Thanks for the party!

  9. Love that cupcake beanbag! Thanks for hosting :)

  10. Thank you for linking up. Hope to see you all next week for another Little Luxuries party. I have another set of cute items to feature! Hugs!

  11. I wanted to follow the co-host, too.....but who is???????????? I did not see a link to that person.

  12. My two year old grandson really liked the bean bag like this. Cute Bean Bags for Toddlers seem very good. I think this is very good for him, especially at birthdays later.


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