The Fly on the Wall Sees Bella

I participated in Fly on the Wall group post since I found it interesting. Fly on the Wall is a monthly post by a group of bloggers challenged to let our readers see what it might be like to be a fly on the wall in our homes. Each post is not a single story, but a compilation of snippets, each one its own quote or event or conversation (or disaster) strung together to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives. 

Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. If the fly on the wall would buzz around my house, it would catch a glimpse of every cute, smart, naughty and funny things by two year old daughter does. We speak a different language here but she speaks English so what you are about to read are her exact words. So, come on in my house as a fly on the wall!

Fly on the Wall

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It was 2 in the morning and Bella is still wide awake. Hubby and I thought of acting like its brownout so she will sleep and stop watching TV. I turned off all the lights and the TV.

Me: Bella, it’s brownout! (holding her as if to make sure she won’t be afraid of the dark)
Bella: Mommy! No! The aircon is turned on! Don’t turn off the TV!
Me: It is brownout Bella, we can’t turn on the TV.
Bella: No, mommy. It’s not brownout. The aircon is on!
Our little lady in the house is running here and throwing her toys everywhere. I called her attention and asked her to stop. I was getting mad so I went to her and held her.

Me: I’m gonna give you a super spank coz you’re a bad baby. You’re hard headed!
Bella: Not super spank. Only super hug! (she hugs me)
Me: But you are a bad baby. You don’t listen to mommy.
Bella: Bella is not bad. She is just pretty.

Bought new clothes for Bella and her favorite was the onesie with a tutu. It looks like a ballerina’s clothing and she calls it a princess dress. While wearing it, she dances like Jewel in the Lalaloopsy Movie: The Search for the Missing Pillow.

Bella sings like Jewel. Pirouette like a ballerina all around the house. We didn’t know that while dancing, she was doing another thing: she pooped. All of a sudden, she stopped and started wiping poop on her new “princess dress”. Then she screamed:

“Who placed poop on my princess dress??”

Bella: Mommy is a witch. Bella is a pumpkin.
Me: What? Where did you learn that?
Bella: Mommy is a witch. Bella is a pumpkin.
Brother1: How about Uncle2? What is he?
Bella: Uncle2 is a pig.

My youngest brother is fat. That explains.

Bella has many Lalaloopsy dolls. I told her that I’m gonna buy her two new Lalas but these were stuffed toys since I saw two at the store. When I got to the store I was surprised that it was so expensive to think that they were mere imitations of the real doll. So, I only bought one. When I arrived home, I gave her the paperbag with the new stuffed toy and she was happy to see Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff.

But after seeing Mittens, she dug into the paper bag and threw it away. She opened my bag and dug into it too.

I guess she was looking for the other Lala. I promised to buy her two.

Hubby went to the city where we came from. The reason why we are in a new home is because Typhoon Haiyan ruined our house in Palo, Leyte. Bella didn’t know that his Dad left early in the morning while she is still sleeping.

Bella: Where is daddy?
Me: He is in Tacloban.
Bella: He is buying egg? He is buying surprise for Bella?
Me: Yah. He is buying surprise for Bella. (No idea about the egg!lol) Do you want to go to Tacloban?
Bella: No. Tacloban is far. Tacloban is broken.

Yah. Once you see the destruction of the typhoon, you will agree with her.

Bella couldn’t get over the destruction Typhoon Haiyan brought to our home. She would still repeatedly say:

“No more upstairs. No more roof. No more walls. No more bedroom. No more doors. No more windows. No more ice cream. No more popcorn. No more toys. No more Lalaloopsy. No more cake. No more computer. No more chopstick. ”
I don’t know where the chopstick came from.

Mother was sewing some clothes and Bella kept on running around her and grabbing her stuffs.
Grandmama: Bella, if you won’t behave, I’m gonna spank you hard.

Bella keeps on running and disturbing her.

Grandmama: Bella! Come over here! (getting mad and wanted to spank her)
Bella: Hmm..Bella is just going.

And she left the room.
Hubby arrives and Bella came running to meet him.

Bella: Daddy! Daddy is here! (hugged and kissed her Dad)
Daddy: Hi Bella. How are you?
Bella: (Smiles) Daddy wants to buy ice cream. Daddy wants to buy burger. Daddy wants to buy French fries. Daddy wants to buy pizza. Daddy wants to buy spaghetti. Daddy wants to buy vegetables. Daddy wants to buy apple. Daddy wants to buy banana. Daddy wants to buy toys. Daddy wants to buy dress. Daddy wants to buy everything!

Daddy laughs.

Bella: Hmm…what else?
Hubby is working and was away from home for a few days. Bella is wondering where her Dad is.

Bella: Mommy, I want to ride a rocket.
Me: Why? We don’t have a rocket.
Bella: I want to ride a rocket to find Daddy.


Hubby wanted to buy a pet for Bella but I disapprove because it isn’t Bella who will look after the pet but it is me. I have so many works to do and I can no longer attend to a pet. He asked Bella what she wants for a pet.

Daddy: Bella, do you want Daddy to buy you lovebirds?
Bella: No.
Daddy: Okay. How about a gold fish?
Bella: No.
Daddy: What do want?
Bella: I want an elephant.

Bella was suppose to go to school last November but then the Super Typhoon came and changed everything. One night, she remembered about going to school.

Bella: Bella wants to go to school Mommy.
Me: Okay but not now because your school is still broken. (she calls it that way)
Bella: Bella can’t go to school because the school is broken.
Me: Yes. You can go to school in June. (classes starts on June in our country)
Bella: Yey! I’m so excited! Papa wants to fix the school. Uncle wants to fix the school. Daddy wants to fix the school. Mommy wants to help.

Guess she wants the school to be fixed at once with all that man power!


  1. So cute. I bet Bella gives you enough to write one of these posts a day!

    I feel so badly for her, seeing so much destruction in her young life. But I'm glad you're all ok.

  2. Bella sounds like a doll! A very SMART little doll. How hard it must have been to see your house destroyed - but she sounds very secure.
    Love the elephant :) Good luck with the litter box training!

  3. Welcome to the Fly on the Wall! Your family is precious!

  4. Bella sounds like she keeps you on your toes.
    Little girls are so much fun.
    Until someone goes and poops on their princess dress. ;)

  5. Bella is so darling!! I could read about her for hours!!!!
    So sorry to hear about your town and home.

  6. Your Bella is beautiful and very funny! I am so sorry she and your family had to go through the Typhoon. I hope you are all well.

  7. better enjoy her being excited about school. that won't last long!

  8. Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart for sure. I'm sorry you guys suffered at the hands of the typhoon, I have a lot of Filipino friends here in Australia, and all of them were very scared for their families back home. I hope things get better for you soon.

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! Thank all!

  10. HOw cute. I can't even imagine how much I'd laugh trying to write a post like this about my kids!

  11. So cute - Miss Bella sounds like a delight and a total handful!!!

  12. Haha. I love kids. My oldest is 6 and still cracks me up from time to time. :)