While You’re Asleep

Hearing your breath while you sleep is like listening to a lovely symphony. Seeing your angelic face as you close your eyes revealing your long lashes is like looking at a perfect portrait of love. Feeling your heartbeat is a soft music to my own heart sending me to a whimsical world of overflowing love and happiness. While you’re asleep, I can see that little lady who was conceived inside of me and up to this day, I still can’t believe that I was able to nurture a healthy, beautiful and smart little one that I can call my daughter forever.

As you sleep still, I seem to forget all the clutters you have done the whole day even though there are still traces of your playfulness all around the room.

As you close your eyes, that dynamic little girl who keeps on running and jumping everywhere is trapped in the world of dreams where you can also run and skip in your own little world.

As you dream, I try to guess which nursery rhyme, movie or story you have bumped into and where your imagination has brought you since I can see your lips slowly form a lovely curve of joy.

As you move around the bed, it reminds me of how you dip into the water during bath time before bed time and how jumpy you are while putting on your pjs.

As you cry between your sleep, I can feel your love as you cling to me and hug me tight to shoo away your bad dreams and on that moment, I know I am the most blessed woman in the world to have a lovely princess beside me hugging me tightly.

As you press your lips on my cheeks (yes, she always do that while sleeping), I am reminded of how grateful I should be for every little thing you do to me from a simple kiss to your super hug.

I always find pleasure in watching you sleep. I can see peace and serenity in your face as it glows with joy for you are overflowing with love from within you and around you. Watching you is like looking at a parcel of my being since this special connection we have is bound to remain a lifetime. I am elated that I have you. Your dad and I are overwhelmed with joy that our love has given us a being as beautiful as the rainbows and as lovable as the stars. Yes, we find joy in you even when you are not doing anything at all. We find so much happiness in you even when you are asleep. Feel our love as we can feel your love even when you’re asleep.


  1. i love watching my babies sleep. they always are so peaceful and quiet (for a change)!

  2. Very sweet post. When my kiddo falls asleep he looks so angelic :)

  3. So sweet!! She's adorable. I remember trying to take pictures of my daughter when she was asleep as a baby, right after she fell asleep in my arms. I could never get the look quite right; I think it's because the feeling was such an important part of it!

  4. Sleeping babies are sooo peaceful. That's the best part of the day, once the craziness has wound down and we can get that sweet side of our little ones.

  5. That is just beautiful! Print this off and save it to remind yourself when she is a teenager.

  6. Kareen, this is such a beautiful post. It's a testament to the great mom that you are and the beautiful child that you're raising. It's so beautiful watching your child sleep. I do it with my son all the time. He just seems so much at peace and so happy.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! :)