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DIY Foodie: Heart Shaped Pancakes

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Bella love pancakes so much. She feels so happy every time I make pancakes for her but I also see to it that she enjoy every pancake moment. I tried exploring different ways to do it like adding colors, trying different toppings like the colorful pancakes I shared with you before.

But, of all the pancakes, the heart shaped ones are her favorite. Well, I have a thing for hearts that is why I have a heart ring molder that I use for cooking eggs and pancakes too. It is nice to see a heart foodie on the plate!

Pink Pancake Hearts

Simply adding colors to your pancake could be so much fun. Why don't you try pink hearts? Even blue hearts will look yummy! I did this using heart rings too and Bella loved eating them. She didn't want to eat the round ones, only the heart shaped pancakes. 


Hahaha! So, you believed me now that she loved the pink heart pancakes? Trivia: It wasn't easy to get the picture of the pancakes above because Bella kept on getting Crumbs from the plate and she kept on eating the I needed to hide just to take the photo.

Pancake Hearts Chocolate Overload

In making this, all you have to do is follow the usual pancake recipe and add some cocoa powder into it. For the white filling, I used a little flour, milk and sugar mixed together on s boiling water until they are a bit sticky. Then, finish the love with some chocolate syrup on it. Now, that is chocolate overload!

Eating pancakes will no longer be boring if you experiment with them. Why don't you try it too?

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13 (mga) komento

  1. These are cute. We are planning heart shaped pancakes for dinner

  2. These look like fun! Reminds me of the time I added food coloring to make "red rice" and it just turned out this weird pink color. my family won't let me live it down.

  3. i love these!! and I NEED those chocolate ones!! YUMMM!!!

  4. Looks yummy! Cocoa powder lang pala yun to make choco pancakes :)

  5. You are one sweet mama! You'll go a long way just to prepare that sweet pancakes :-) I wish I can be the same LOL. My kids are not fond of pancakes though but they love the sandwiches I seldom make for them :-)

  6. So cute! I make pancakes a lot but have never tried adding food color! Will try this soon because I'm sure my kids will love it!

  7. They Look Yummy Looks Like Your Girls Loved Then Too!!

  8. Looks like she is happy! We use heart cookie cutters to make ours.

  9. Aww, bet she enjoyed those! We have to remember to make our food fun!

  10. That makes me think that pancakes would be tasty on this snow day!

  11. oh yum! those are really cute! that makes eating healthy foods more fun, right?

  12. The pancakes look so yummy! I'm sure my kids would love it if I made fun shapes from their pancakes.

  13. What a cute idea! I love that they are the perfect size for small hands to hold.


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