Valentine and Spring Mini Lalaloopsy 2014

We all loved last year's Lalaloopsy Target Exclusive, Crumbs Loves Chocolates. For this year, MGA Entertainment, gave us another adorable Lalaloopsy to add to our collection. The Valentine Mini Lalaloopsy for 2014 is named Velvet B. Mine.

Valentine Lalaloopsy 2014

Velvet B. Mine loves to bring friends together with cards and candy. Her favorite treat is chocolate milk especially when she can slurp it really loudly through a straw. Velvet has two bears for pets. One is mainly pink with a pastel yellow heart around its eye, the other is mainly pastel yellow with a pink heart around its eye. One of these bears is in place of a third accessory. While, last year's VDay Lala was in a heart shaped box, Velvet has a box that is shaped like a glass cover of a cake dome, as she is based on red velvet cake.

Aside from this lovely doll, another Target Exclusive is May Little Spring which is the Easter and Spring exclusive holiday mini for 2014.

Easter Spring Lalaloopsy 2014

May Little Spring loves to play Games, and her favorite thing to do is hide eggs. Sometimes she hides them so well, they can't be found. May's pet is a fuchsia butterfly with golden-yellow wings.

So, will you get these dolls for your little lala-lover?


  1. Goodness, Easter thinking already! Can you believe it? My niece LOVES this show! I'll have to look for this new doll!

  2. My neice loves these things. For me I only have boy toys, not a single doll in my home. :)

  3. Now I know what to get for my daughter for Easter! ;) Thank you!