15 Ugly Truths About Raising Kids That Only Moms See As Beautiful

Kids are cute especially when they are not yours and you won't need to take care of them or rush after them when they run or cure their wounds when they cut their knees or clean their poop, pee and puke. But then, they are still cute even if they are yours because when they are yours, they can give you selfless love that they cannot give to others. 

I admit it. Raising a child is not easy at all. And I know I am not the only one who experiences this because every parent will. And we have to admit it too that no matter how much we love our little ones, there are still ugly truths that could be one of the reasons why some people refuse to have kids. 

1. While eating your fave food, you suddenly smell something "distinct". Worse is, you won't just smell it, sometimes you've got to scoop it and you would need to wash it off. You are lucky when poop is just in the diaper and not everywhere.

2. But it doesn't end there. You could also bathe in pee while on bed. The towel is there to save you. Toss it on top and go back to sleep.
3. Then as you were starting to dose off, someone's gonna scream and cry out loud. And you need to give them a hug until they hush.
4. Morning comes and you did not even get enough sleep but breakfast needs to be done. After cooking, you need to feed your kids and sometimes you forget to feed yourself. Now your kid could either be a picky-eater or eats just anything and everything.
5. When you are unlucky, they might even puke what you have cooked and you have to clean the mess- both on your kiddo and on the floor or on anywhere it got into.
6. And so bath time comes. It is this moment when you get your clothes wet even if you are not bathing yet.
7. Letting the kids take their vitamins is one challenging moment. Sometimes you wish you have the power to stretch your arms so you can let your kid take their meds without the need to ran after them, pin them down or hold their heads to open their mouths. After all your effort, they'll spit it.
8. Cleaning the house is never fun especially with the kids around. You'd just be cleaning over and over again.
9. Not to mention clutter. And I mean lots and lots of clutter. 

10. And they'll break and destroy things just like how my daughter stepped on my eye glasses, vomited on my laptop and stepped on my 2month old Samsung Galaxy S4.
11. They are very needy and demanding too and will ask you to do almost everything for them. And there goes the endless "I want this and I want that or I don't like this and that."
12. But you've to get used to it especially their honest words like how ugly you look with your new hair or how your breath stinks.
13. You'd also wish you can fly when the kids start running around the house or they start climbing anywhere they want to thinking they are lizards or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
14. And when they move too much, they'll most likely hurt themselves turning you into an instant doctor.
15. And just when you think that your exhausting moment has ended for nap time, you are totally wrong for kids hate to sleep. Good luck with that.

But all these are what make kids beautiful. It is difficult to be a mother but despite all that, kids are lovely and they are the only people whom you could love more than love can define and who will love you in return without doubts, without buts and without ifs.

These doesn't make us regret of having kids. It actually makes everything even more thrilling and challenging. Anyway, our little ones will not be kids forever. So we cherish every moment- beautiful or not. 


  1. This is hysterical. My two year old already has such a personality and certainly lets us know how he is feeling... both a good and bad thing!

  2. This is so funny!! I love this.

  3. Lol, you will never fully understand what mothers go through unless u become one

  4. LMBO!!! Beautiful Babies Great Quote!

  5. I love your sense of humor ... before I had kids I would simply say "not sure I want kids - they're awful sticky" and now I wouldn't trade them for all the perfectly clean and pressed designer suits in the world!

  6. Yes, being a mom is definitively one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs ever. They are a lot of work, but there are so many moments that make it all worth it.

  7. When I would be asked to define Bella, here goes the ugly definition.. haha! And yep! Kids can be brutally honest! Like my niece would say - Auntie! I don't like your hair! So ugly! LOL
    Which makes look right into the mirror! funny but he had a point. (*laughs!)

  8. To funny. My little guy thinks the minute his diaper comes off is the time to pee on everything. Kids need to come with an instruction manual. Thanks for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  9. It is past 1 am and I am still awake because I have to stretch my waking hours to have a "ME" time. Then while reading No. 11 of your list, my little girl started turning and tossing and I have to go to her and breastfeed her immediately so she can go back to sleep and I can have my much needed peace! Haha! I can totally relate to your post. So, so true.. =)

  10. Thank you for linking up at A Look at The Book! This was FUNNY! I've SO been there! This morning when my son spilled LEMONADE I thought, "I know we're not supposed to cry over spilled milk, but can I cry over spilled, sticky lemonade?? . . . please??"

  11. Yes to everything! Sometimes I look at them and wonder what have I gotten myself into. LOL Kidding, love my 2 rascals to bits but they sure can drive me crazy!

  12. This was so funny and true! I have the messiest 7 year old and craziest 18 month old right now :) My house will be clean one day when I'm 50! But I did make the switch to liquid multivitamins for the kiddos, MUCH easier! :)

  13. Ahhh, yes. I know number 10 all to well. They break everything...99% of the time it's an accident, but still. And seriously, why must they hate sleep - you know they are going to want that sleep back one day!

  14. So glad I haven't had to experience some, if not may of these (at least yet) with my daughter! lol

  15. Everything in this post is SO TRUE! Reminds me of a post I wrote recently! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  16. Totally agree with this! I heard once that motherhood was achieved to the fullest when you could catch vomit with one hand while eating your dinner with the other ;)

  17. Thank you for my laugh today! I can relate to all of these!