A Little Girl Explores A Green World. And Its Amazing!

Have you seen an amazing world of Greens? I have. As a matter of fact, there is also a Yellow, Red, White and Orange worlds where a little girl have discovered. These are part of Adrien Broom's Color Project where each scenario were done in monochromatic colors. No, these aren't photo manipulations, they are real photographs of a set Broom and her team has created. The result is absolutely mind-blowing as we are brought into a world of color. But we are merely the audience of this fantasy, it is this pretty little girl who could actually get into these world and enjoy the color that surrounds her.

Adrien Broom is a self-taught photographer and the way I see it, she really taught her self pretty well.lol. But yes, her photos are amazing! You can take a look at her website so that you can understand what I mean. She creates illusions in her photos that play between reality and bizarre imagination. Most of her images are narrative exploring universal themes of childhood, loss and the anxiety of modern life.

 photo greenw_zpse5b32f91.jpg

Broom just recently finished her Green world. And when I saw it, I knew I have to share it with you especially that Earth Day is just around the corner. When you see these photos, you will fall in love with nature over and over again as it shows us a different angle of how beautiful Green really is. Green symbolizes growth, maturity, fertility, harmony and balance. In the next photos, you will see not just what the color symbolizes but a happy and mysterious jungle that the girl has crept into.

 photo green_zps2f976626.jpg

 photo green3_zps1b37beb8.jpg

 photo green2_zps592cc111.jpg

 photo green4_zpse2bb032c.jpg

Let us see this video behind the scenes of the Green world.

Behind the Scenes of Green from Adrien Broom on Vimeo.

Nice, right? I know you will love these other scenes too.

 photo 1-color-project_zps3acd1694.jpg

 photo 12-color-project_zps24d6ec42.jpg

 photo 6-color-project_zps8e69f2b6.jpg

 photo 17-color-project_zps39951c4a.jpg

 photo 24-color-project_zps7c2b4658.jpg

I know. I know you can't get enough of these photos because I feel the same way too. I wrote a feature about this at Naldz Graphics (but it was named after another writer). You can take a look at the article This Series of Photos Has Monochromatic Settings.You’ll Fall in Love with Colors For Sure! Share this with your friends too and like us, they will feel very excited and amused of the Color Project!

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