Farfaria App Review+Giveaway for Unlimited Kid's Bedtime Stories

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I love reading books ever since I was a kid. Whenever I see a bookstore, it’s like I am staring at a place full of gold. When I had a daughter, I wanted her love books too same way as I did even when I was still a kid. I guess I raised her in the right way for she had grown fondness in books. The first time she touched a book was four months old. From then on, she would be happy to see new books.

Bella is always looking for new stories. Since she is just two and is just starting to read, I read the stories to her. She even make up her own version of stories like what I shared in a Fly on the Wall post before. Every time I leave the house, Bella will always remind me to buy books. You would hear her saying, “I want to buy books” each day. Yes, she says that repeatedly. But we are facing a problem about buying books because the mall as well as other bookstores in our area are still closed due to the damage caused by super typhoon Yolanda. So, I resorted to eBooks.

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After getting free eBooks from Amazon and other online sources, I felt tired in downloading books every now and then. But when Farfaria emailed me for a partnership, it became the answer to Bella's hunger-for-stories.

When I saw the app, I was so happy because it allows access to so many lovely books!  You could never imagine how happy Bella was to see so many eBooks of colorful illustrations and beautiful stories. From the very first time I saw Farfaria, I knew that moment that it will be my partner for Bella’s bedtime stories as well as for every boring moment of Bella’s day.

FarFaria is an app that provides the perfect story time experience. There are many reasons why you’ll love this app. It includes:

1. Various stories. Your kid will never get bored because there are more than 600 amazing children’s stories. Every week there are five new ones added which will provide new stories for our kids to enjoy. So, if you’ll never ran out of stories to read. Bella seems to like most of the stories!

2. Especially designed for kids. With the stories in Farfaria, you are assured that everything in it are apt for kids. Stories are fit for children ages 2-9 which will help develop their passion for reading.  You will also know if the story is fit for your child’s age because there is a reading-level badge on every story cover.

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3. Parent-kid bonding. If you feel like you lack time for your kids, you will never feel this way anymore because with Farfaria, you’ll have an engaging story-discovery experience together. It  also provides interactive experience which is fun for kids and easy for parents.

4. Read-to-Me feature. Honestly, sometimes I feel tired reading books to Bella because she will not stop until we finish reading around 6-10 books before bedtime. Who will not get tired with that?? So, the read-to-me feature is a lifesaver! All I have to do is swipe the page while the story is read aloud to her.

5. Easy to use. Unlike other apps, Farfaria is clean. No pop-ups, no ads. Bella is tired of seeing ads and other stuffs that distract her. That is why the app is really nice. Your kids can focus on their reading!

So now, you won’t wonder why Bella and I love this app! I have a good news for you. Folks from Farfaria is offering a free 3-month membership to one of my readers! But if you can’t wait to win the free membership, you can always avail a monthly full-access subscription that starts at $3.99/month, and it can be downloaded for free on iPad and Android.

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Is your kid a book lover? If yes, then this is the app for him! And if not, you can change the way your kid will view reading by using Farfaria. Join our giveaway and you might be the lucky winner!

Disclaimer: I received a free Farfaria membership for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I hope your family was not affected by Typhoon Yolanda Karen. My who is 2 is still interested in the cardboard books and not yet the online kind. When he gets older, this is a great option for him!

    - Karen

  2. Kids would really have a grand time with this app.

  3. Good good. Love bedtime stories even I am 23 now. >~<

  4. i had tried some of the apps for my kids too but this one is something new to me, so i'll give it a try,

  5. My little sister loves games like this & would defiantly enjoy it!

  6. That game looks so cute :) I'll definitely tell my little nephew to try it

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  8. great choice of books. very educational

  9. I wish I had this when I was young. It looks like it has a lot of options for kids. :)