Hailey's Fab Bows: Hairbows of Love for Our Little Princesses

I love making hairbows for Bella but I kind of got tired of doing it especially when I lost my craft materials during the typhoon. (This typhoon thingy is really arghhh...) So, I tried buying hairbows online. I looked into different online shops that sell them. Well, the hairbows look a bit similar to each other especially that most of them use gross grain ribbons. But there is one hair bow online shop that I grew fond of, that is the Hailey's Fab Bows.

I don't know why but there is something in these hairbows that are different from other hairbow makers which include myself.LOL. I guess, Karen Roxas, the person behind these lovely bows really put her heart into what she is doing. Crafting one bow isn't just about sewing and gluing but it is also about how much love you pour into every stitch and every flip of the ribbon to turn them into little masterpieces.

Hailey's Fab Bows

hairbows philippines
These are the new girly stuff I bought from HFB for my little princess. Since Bella went to summer class, I decided to buy her a bunch of headbands and hairbows so that she will not just look beautiful in school but would standout too. I really think that aside from participation in class, it is important that one looks presentable in order to gain more confidence and attention. This greatly helps in their progress knowing that they are being accepted by others.

Ohhh...who would think that a hairbow can do all that to your little one?

HFB isn't just beautifully and expertly crafted but the packaging is nice too. The board where the clips are placed are nice they are placed in a neat box. It always comes with a sweet note from Mommy Karen and Hailey Yzabel.

HFB bows

What's sweeter is Karen's concern to her clients because aside from ensuring the quality and style of her handmade products, she also sees to it that you are happy and contented to the fullest with what you receive. She makes sure that transaction is smooth sailing. She also gives freebies even if you don't ask for it. Aside from the free headband she gave me for my recent order, she even provided me new clips for the hairbows I bought from her before that were damaged because of the typhoon (that typhoon again!). How kind and sweet of her to do that!

Hailey's Fab Bows Facebook
That is why I am happy with these hairbows. Hubby wonders why I bought all these for Bella but when he saw her wearing it, he understood why.


This is the flower crown I got from HFB. It would instantly turn your little princess into a little Goddess!

Bella floral headband

I even think of getting one for myself too. LOL. But aside from this flower crown, the hair bows are stunning as well.

Bella bow

Although I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures of her wearing it. The print of the gross grain ribbons is beautiful. Bella likes it that it features her fave characters. As a matter of fact, everything shown above was her own choice. I wouldn't buy things without consulting her because she is the one who wears it anyway. Hubby even asked, "Why did you choose all these characters printed hairbows and headbands for Bella?" The answer: "Bella was the one who chose it." And he just nodded. LOL. He can't do anything about it.

And I told him that he will never understand how girls fancy bows and ribbons because we treat them not just as mere accessories but a way of self-expression. For HFB, they become our way to express ourselves through fab hair accessories and for us, HFB fuels our desire to remain beautiful and our passion for art, style, and fashion. Above all, everything lingers on love. HFB provides hairbows made of love and we buy them for our little ones because of love. Love, love, love!

Disclaimer: I purchased the items above and wasn't compensated for the post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! SOoooo cute! :) Found your blog form the Social Media Mix:)

    Following your blog and facebook!

    ~Jenn @Beauty By Jennafer

  2. Wow that's a lot sis! And they are soooo cute. I'm still in the learning stage, I want to make more hair bows and ribbons for my little girl. :-)

  3. Hello! We are buying from the same seller and I 100% agree with your article. I have tons of bows from her and there is really something about her bows that stands out from the rest.