My Little Lady's First Summer Class Ever!

If you wonder why I was away for so long, this is the reason:

Bella had her first Reading Summer Class ever! I know. I know. I know you’ll say, “What were you thinking? She is just two!” Oh well. Yes, she is just two but wait till you read what she can already do in school.

Since Bella already knows her alphabet and her phonics, we decided to enroll her in a reading summer class. Her classmates ranged from age 4-6 and she was the youngest. The group of around 18 kids was divided into two groups, one for those who don’t know the phonics yet and the other group for those who have memorized the phonics. I know you know which group Bella landed on.

But she didn’t like to stay with the group she belonged where her classmates were 5-6 years old because she enjoyed the singing and dancing in the other room. Since the school was badly damaged due to super typhoon Yolanda, they are still using a generator and only one room has electric fans and projector. To make the story short, the fun is there and so Bella is there.

In school, she tried to write.

But in truth, this is what she was doing.LOL. She is lazy when it comes to writing.

She gives the sounds of each letter and started learning to read. Bravo!

Sometimes she even tells her classmates what to do. There was one pupil who is shy and doesn’t participate in their dancing. Her mother kept on telling her to stand. Bella saw her. She approached the girl who was like 4 years old and said, "C'mon. Stand up and clap your hands!" And the girl did. I can see that this little lady of mine is going to grow up as a leader (like me! *wink).

What she loves most is dancing and singing.

And I guess she loves snack time too!

There are even times that she acts as a teacher. Her teacher even told her: "Bella, can you help me teach your classmates?" Of course, she was just joking but Bella said Yes and went to the front at once. She'd bring a long rolled cartolina with her. She will say "Good morning everybody!" then points to the letters on the board and ask "What letter is this? What is the sound? Very good!" I always end up LOLing because of what my little girl is doing. She would even go to the other room and then lets her classmates read the words on the board. The teacher will say, "Okay Bella let them read. I'll just take a rest." LOL!

I am proud of Bella. Her Daddy and I are very happy with how she performed in school despite her young age. We saw that Bella was indeed ready for school because she had been telling us that she wants to go to school even when she was just one.  Because we saw how interested she is, we decided to let her try schooling. And because of her good performance, we will let her take Nursery1.

By now, Bella can read but she would still start giving the letter sounds before figuring out the words. She can also write some letters which amazed me because she never did her writing assignments. I don’t force her into doing it because she is still young anyway but I am happy that she is actually learning everything despite being young!

We are proud parents and we are sure Bella has a long way to go!


  1. i know these feeling hehe , because i have a son who is 3 years old and having his first school year and it was very fun.. the feeling of excitement is their. :)

  2. That's a bright lil' girl you have there... It's never too early to start learning and by the pictures it seems that's Bella is having a great time.

  3. Funny how she chose the room where the fun is but I'm sure, she still did learn a lot here.

  4. Your little girl is so cute and I'm happy for her learning in such a young age. She is a smart girl for learning alphabet and phonics. You're a great mom. :)

  5. It must be a bittersweet moment when your kids start school! Sounds like she's doing really well and you'll have plenty more proud moments to share here!

  6. It's great that as early as now she is being exposed to a lot of learning experiences! :)

  7. awwww! so cute! i wonder if im like that when i was a kid! hahaha anyway, shes such a darling and good to hear that she's doinng great :)

  8. aww, they all looks so cute!

  9. Such an adorable post! So good that you enrolled her to this summer school so young :) she'll definitely have a head start on the other pupils when she goes to primary school

  10. Awww so cute.. God bless her always

  11. I love kids much. It is a happy moment if you could see kid like to go school. Hope she love her classes. =D