DIY 2-in-1 Gold Chain Bracelet Necklace

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Today, I have made friendship bracelets for my high school bestfriends. I enjoyed making them especially that it is for people I love and value most. While making it, I recalled that I made a necklace for Bella too. It was made from gold chain and lace.

I just remembered that I haven't shared it to you. It was my first time to post a DIY on my other blog, Dash de Petites. I have made a gold chain necklace that can also be turned into a bracelet.

And this is Bella wearing it as a necklace.

Well, she doesn't like to have her picture taken for this That is why her expression is like that. But then, she is still a doll and I love how the necklace looked on her. I also use the necklace too and I also wear it as a bracelet. Bella and I are sharing.

Hope you liked this creation of mine. And oh, don't forget to check the how-to here.

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10 (mga) komento

  1. Charming necklace indeed, 'cause you made it for her, a special one.

  2. OMg I love the little girl very much and much valued article thanks for sharing Awesome

  3. So cute! I love that she is wearing the necklace with matching flowers in hair. Even if she does not want to be photographed, she looks adorable with that expression on her face.

  4. you are very creative indeed! such a beautiful artworks.

  5. What a lovely bracelet you have here, especially it was done with a personal touch. I also love making DIY items.

  6. She looks so cute with the gold - chain necklace. It's really creatively done.

  7. This is a nice gifts as it is a labor of love

  8. Aww this is soo cute. Just loved it. Bella looks adorable

  9. Sweet DIY necklace. Save us some money without purchasing them from store!

  10. Bella is still a cutie pie even if she was not in the mood to pose for mama. Your DIY turned great! I used to make my own necklaces, it was very soothing and therapeutic for me.


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