My Great Food 15-Sec Cooking Challenge

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I love ice cream. Well, everyone does. But if there is one special person who really have that great love for ice cream, that is my little princess Bella. Ice cream is her happy foodie and she would never get tired of eating it. I wanted to make ice cream but it looks really challenging to make one. But one day, I saw something from the internet that we can make ice cream using one ingredient and that is banana.

It can be done by freezing banana overnight or for a couple of hours until they are as hard as a rock. Then blend the banana and you got an ice cream! I tried it and it really was ice cream. You can add other ingredients to it too for more flavoring.

So, when I learned about the My Great Food 15-Sec Cooking Challenge, I immediately thought of making an ice cream banana. But this time with chocolate and brownie. I'll show you how I did it in this post.

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What you need:
Frozen Banana
Magnolia Chocolait
Magnolia Dari Creme butter
Magnolia Fudge Brownie Mix
1 Egg

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Prepare the brownie. Don't forget to put Magnolia Dari Creme butter on the pan so the brownie will not stick on it. Follow the instructions written at the back of the box.

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Blend the frozen banana. Add a little of Magnolia Chocolait for flavoring.
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Slice the baked brownie into small cubes and mix into banana ice cream.
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Serve with brownie and fruits. Top with peanut or others if desired. Enjoy!
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The banana ice cream melts easily but it will also melt easily in your mouth too!

Since it was required to upload the video in instagram, I did so. But in truth, I am not happy with how the video turned out when I uploaded it in instagram. I couldn't upload it using my phone. I don't know why. :(  So, I uploaded a clear version in YouTube too. I don't expect to win because of how the video turned out in Instagram. But anyway, I am happy to show you this new recipe of mine.

This is a very easy summer recipe but it will surely make you feel like a real chef with just a few recipes and four simple steps.  What is good about this recipe is that it is healthy and inexpensive too.

Want to see more yummy recipe? My Great Food always have new recipes that we can do at home. You can also follow their Facebook Page to make sure that you will not miss any recipes from them!


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  7. Never thought frozen bananas could substitute for ice cream! We always have this at home so I'm going to try and freeze some and then blend like your instructions. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hmmm... do you think it will work the same with strawberries? Bananas are nice but it is actually quite high in sugar and calories?

  9. You did an awesome job with what you had... Bananas must be sending out global vibes. I made banana bread with my kids two days ago.

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