Want to See Your Dad as a Farfaria Superhero in a Book?

We know Father's Day is over but we can always honor our fathers anytime of the day. There are many ways to show our love for our fathers. Simply being respectful to them is one good way. We can also cook food for them, give them gifts or just do good with our lives.

Since our dads are our superheroes, would it be nice to see him star in a book that can be read by millions of people around the globe? Of course that would be great! I recently joined the “My Dad, My Superhero Sweepstakes” from FarFaria.

Farfaria Dad Sweepstakes

Farfaria is an app that offers so many books for children. If you win, your father will be immortalized as a SUPERHERO in a FarFaria story, receive a copy of the book, and a superhero bobble head that looks just like Dad's superhero character. That is totally cool right?

So, go proceed here and join! This is your chance to be part of this once in a lifetime chance to see your Dad as a Superhero in a book! Join now!

This ends on June 24, 2014. You still have a chance to join!


  1. Wow! Thank for sharing this Mommy Kareen, we're just on time! Can I join in behalf of my kids and my husband? =)