Eat, Stay, Sleep in Amazing Places Around the World!

Life is an adventure. So why don't we explore the world to see amazing places? I know that would be an expensive thing to do but with the internet, we are able to explore and discover places. No, I am not telling you to go to Google and search about these places because I am afraid you might get lost along the way. I have it here today.

I had so much fun collating these wonderful places to eat, stay and sleep while we are in vacation. We really don't have to stick with the normal hotel room. We can have a blast by staying and sleeping on an awesome and unique place. While I was browsing these vacation spots, I already felt like I was there and made a scrapbook about it.

So here we are excited to see the world! Bella, Daddy Jomarc and me!

 photo adventure_zps1e2090b7.jpg

A lovely home or villa with a pool would be nice! It would be so refreshing we can dip more than thrice!

  photo splash-pools_zps9b552a61.jpg

Or we can visit Ariel and Flounder under the sea, if we stay on a place where we can see the sea!

   photo see-the-sea_zps1f45304c.jpg

A tree house would be perfect too. It sure is dramatic! Goodbye to all the blues!

 photo treehouse_zps83acc9fb.jpg

Daddy would love to stay on a boat while Bella would be thrilled to stay on a wagon, well,wherever it is,it would even be nicer if its near a lagoon.

  photo wagon-boat_zpsa9d2768a.jpg

But I'd prefer to stay on a fairytale cottage and be close to nature but free of scary creatures!

 photo whimsical_zpsac138e6b.jpg

What about a castle that is away from all hustle? It would be charming and we would feel like royalty! We''ll certainly grab our gowns and jewelry!

 photo castle_zpsa6b23d8e.jpg

I know it looks queer but this place deserves a cheer for it used shipping containers instead of just going to the dumpsters.

 photo shipping_zps31a182f7.jpg

Oopps...I think that is enough because if I show you everything, you will explore nothing! So, I'll tell you the secret where I got all these places you found interesting!

Fun, right? Well, you can actually see more amazing vacation homes to stay in once you check Airbnb. What you saw above are part of my Travel Bucket Wish List. Guess what else I discovered? There are many cheap yet beautiful and cozy places to stay wherever you want to go around the world. The good thing about this is you directly communicate with the owners of these places. Here is my wishlist by the way where you can see the places I featured above:
 photo wishlist_zpsddd138d9.jpg

Huge! I think I will even make more! It is just fun creating a wish list! I have a list of places I'd visit in the Philippines. Since we are planning for a trip to Cebu, Manila and Boracay, I already have chosen possible places to stay which makes the trip even more exciting!

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries. It is a well known online service to rent out lodging around the globe. That is why I am sure that you will be able to make your dream vacation come true with Airbnb! You can create your own wishlist too like what I did. I invite you to sign-up to Airbnb and you will get free credits too.

Well, since I just discovered Airbnb, I think that I will be making a real scrapbook soon of our real travel through Airbnb. That is so possible because of the varied places and prices that they offer us.

Sign-up Here!


  1. Amazing pictures. I want to explore world. Vacations are best to eat, sleep and fun. Good to see you did enjoy a lot. xxxx

  2. This looks amazing!! I love the little cottage places to stay, but even more, if that cottage was on the beach!! :)

  3. Those Fairy Tale Cottages sure looks nice

  4. I love Airbnb! We have been using them for a few years and they are great! I would like to stay at all of these places... I dream large :-)

  5. Who would have thought AirBnB offers those kinds of unique beautiful houses?! I've used them before and was tempted to offer our rooms too. But husband shot down the idea LOL

  6. Love so many of these. I think my favorites are the playhouse and the British castle. We love to travel and see new places!

  7. I like to try the fairy tale cottage. It's much closer to nature and I love it there.

  8. I love your vacation collages and wish list. It has never occurred to me to want to sleep in some of the places you mentioned, but why not? Life is an adventure! :-)

  9. Those are so crazy cool places! I'm totally up for the tree house stay although that wagon one is pretty neat.

  10. Yes, please! I've actually done the castle when we went to a wedding in France. I'd LOVE to stay in one of the treehouse hotels, and the fantasy geek in me would jump at the chance to stay in a Hobbit hole! The wagon could be fun too, and I know my son would love a train car! Thanks for sharing the fun ideas!

  11. I'm glad you all liked the vacation homes I featured above! Be sure to check them out at Airbnb!

  12. I want to take a gap year, to travel! They all look so gorgeous. For sure I want to visit these vacation homes!

  13. Wow, some really amazing places! Those would be imaginative holidays- a kid would flip over getting to vacation in a tree house or a whimsical story house.

  14. England is on my list. Thank you for the amazing photos!

  15. Beautiful pictues, I especially love the castles! I just wish your site was more mobile friendly though...

  16. Wow! This looks like an amazing service! And if you could just transport me to that beach, that would be great...