Tips and Techniques to Put Up a Vinyl Wall Art

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Updating our home's interior may seem to be a tedious job. Just think of what you need to do from updating your furniture to adding more life to the walls. But you really don't need to spend much time, money and effort just to revamp the look of your home. There is an easy way to do it. You can just  decorate your walls and your interior will surely look new, better and livelier!

Speaking about wall decors, you can choose from wallpapers, paint, and even vinyl wall art. You can also put up some wall sculptures, frames and others to give a personal statement to your space. But if you want an easy way to give your home a new look, some really cool vinyl wall art works best. Because of how easy it can be installed and how beautiful the wall stickers are, it is in demand these days especially the wall decals for living rooms since it is the space in the house that welcomes guests and would be the first to be seen.

What's good about vinyl wall stickers is that you can reuse it whenever you want to. When you got tired of looking at it in your living room, peel it off and transfer it to your bedroom without destroying its quality. Once it is up on a new wall, your beautiful wall sticker will look new again and you'll get a fresh interior too!

Tips and Techniques to Follow

I know I told you it is easy to use but there are some essential tips that you need to bear in mind to make the sticker installation process "really" easy and to get the most of your vinyl wall decals. So, here are some tips that you must follow to make sure your wall sticker will stay long in place and it will not be ruined.

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1. Apply sticker with the right room temperature. Never put up your sticker in extreme temperatures. When it is too hot, the sticker will get stretched and will spread all over the wall. This is because the hot temperature will soften the sticker. When it is too cold, the sticker may stick on the wall but it will come out easily or it will not stick there for a long time because of the humid atmosphere. So, see to it that when you apply it to your way, the temperature isn't too hot or too cold.

2. Never use alcohol for sticking. I actually didn't know that alcohol are used by some people to stick wall arts. But if you plan of using it, don't. It will just completely ruin the glue of the vinyl wall art and it will be impossible for you to it on your walls. Instead of an alcohol, try using car wash products which are safer for wall stickers.

3. Do not touch the adhesive. We all know that the sticker comes with an adhesive on its back. Never touch it because the moisture from your skin will damage the sticking properties of the glue. Your wall art might never stick to the wall or it would be hard to do so.

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4. Do not use ice scrapers and car nozzle. The wall sticker will break if you use ice scrapers on it. It will also break into pieces if you use a car nozzle because of the high amount of pressure on it for a long duration.

5. Avoid using wax over the art. If you do this, you will ruin your wall sticker. So never place wax on art especially if it contains petroleum distillates. Keep the wall free from wax and products having rainx because these will make it hard for the glue to stick.

6. Always check walls before installation. Make sure that your walls are clean and free of dust before sticking wall art. Avoid sticking on patched walls too for it will look uneven and it will be quite difficult to stick it also. If you will stick the wall art on a wall with a wallpaper, see to it that the wallpaper is properly bonded with the wall. Do not stick it on a wall with a new paint too. Allow 2 to 3 weeks curing first before you apply a vinyl wall art.

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7. Use squeegee to release bubbles. If you already installed it and found some bubbles under it, you can use your fingers to release bubbles but it would be better to have a squeegee with you. This will make work a lot easier. If the bubbles don't go away, peel the part with bubbles and stick again. Then use a squeegee to ensure that the sticker is flat on the wall.

I know you love looking at the wall stickers above because I love it too! I am always a fan of wall decals because of their beautiful designs and how it could give your space a new look in an instant. I like it that you can choose different designs. You can add blossoms to your space to mimic a park's aura. You can put up city maps or buildings to make you feel like you are always with the urban life. You can add fun decals for your kids bedroom. You can also spice the room with a beautiful wall sayings or quotes. Isn't it nice? But we have to see to it that we follow the tips above because if not, our pretty wall sticker might not stay long on our walls and I'm sure you don't want that to happen.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all text are mine and original.


  1. I loved that same vinyl wall art but I was so scared to install it, I found some art instead.

  2. great tips, I wonder why people would use alcohol it's not something I would have ever thought of :-)

  3. These are great tips!! I so wish I could use vinyl wall art, I have textured walls in my home so I'm always jealous when I see how beautiful everyone's wall art is, especially for a nursery!

  4. This is so cool. I love the one with the photos!

  5. Great tips! Especially making sure your wall is clean/dust free.. you don't always realize how dirty your walls can get, especially with kids!

  6. Wall art is fantastic, especially if you're like me and live in a rented space. We use it in our boys' and girls' room to give the rooms some personality. Thanks for the tips.

  7. When visiting blogs, i usually discover a very good content like yours. I am lucky that I found this web blog, precisely the right information that I was searching for!

  8. I love my wall art- I've got one quote by Marilyn and another wine bottle decal. I hated myself for buying them (so kitchy lol) but love them now that they're up!

  9. Great tips! I was always afraid of screwing up putting vinyl up so I have never tried it, but I will now :)