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When My Child Was Confined to the Hospital

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I know you have noticed I was away for a long time. I missed blogging and sharing my thoughts to you but I couldn't do that when my daughter was in the hospital. Well, it wasn't last week or last last week. It was last last last week. But still, I wasn't able to get into writing since I had a bunch of work to finish.

Even if it happened weeks ago, I can still recall the pain Bella went through when she was in the ER. When we arrived at the ER, she was just happy and she kept on talking to the nurses but when it was time to put on the IV, that was the time she started screaming. I don't know if your toddler had been to the hospital. But it is dreadful to see her being wrapped with blanket from shoulder to feet so she won't strangle and move.

child in hospital

Of course, that is the best thing to do but there isn't any better way to do it. It was a hard situation for me (and of course for her!). I feel like I want to ran away from that place so I can't see her in pain. But I know I won't and I can't because I have to be there for her. I can see how scared she was as she screamed while we hold her. She kept on crying until the nurse was done with her job. I was just happy that the nurse was good at putting the IV and she just did it once perfectly.

Her one week stay in the hospital was a mix of pain and smiles. I am happy that even if she feels sick, she can still manage to laugh and be that talkative baby we have. Her gastroenteritis and UTI was gone after a week. And that is days of vomiting, diarrhea and  infrequent fevers. It wasn't easy but we are glad she recovered at once.

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I know that for parents, seeing our kids in pain is the last thing we want to witness because whatever pain they feel, we feel it twice. If only we can, we would choose to take their place so we can take the pain instead of our little ones.

Being in the ER is a heartbreaking moment but of course, we are left with no choice because this is the only way to shoo their boo-boo away. Hence, instead of breaking down in tears, we try to be strong no matter how hard it is. We try to be brave even if we are screaming with fear inside. After all, everything will soon be over and we can see our little ones running around to play again.

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9 (mga) komento

  1. Just pray to God He will healed your child you just to have faith in him! :)

  2. My son had UTI too and he was only 3 months old that time. I can feel the pain every time itutusok yung IV, 3x kasi ginawa.

  3. I hope she's better now! She looks like such a joyful child :) Ang cute niya sa picture!

  4. I feel you Mommy. I had that ER incident months ago with my eldest (she's only two, by the way) and it was one of the longest hours I've ever had. She was crying, defensive and agitated the whole time, which is not her usual self, even if the doctors and nurses were trying to make her life. I was thankful that everyone in the hospital were kind and understanding enough to handle my daughter :)

    Anyway, I do hope your daughter is feeling better now :)

  5. I cannot stand to see my son in pain also when he was in the ER before I keep on praying and hoping its not serious and hindi siya ma confine thanked God we are released after two hours. Hope she gets well na agad.

  6. I hope your daughter is feeling better na. Para syang walang sakit/nararamdaman sa picture ha. Such a jolly girl. ^_^

  7. Hugs mommy! Sometimes it is good to cry to let go of our emotions as a mom but we should not show it to our kids. I pray that today she is completely well.

  8. I hope she has fully recovered. She's so cute!

  9. Oh I am glad that your daughter is okay na. I agree that it's really hard to see our kids in pain. I hope di na sya ulit makarating sa ER.


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