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Why Is It Easier to Believe in Lies?

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Why is it hard for you to trust?

Why is it hard for you to believe?

Why do you have to listen to those who are saying negative things about me?

What else do I have to do to prove that I am not doing anything wrong?

It is indeed true that you cannot convince a person who has already convinced himself. No matter how you try to inculcate the truth to him, he would cling to whatever he believes in. Even if he tells you he believes you one time, the truth is, he doesn't. He is just saying that to put an end to the story. The next time around, he would tell you those things over and over again.

It is hard to prove yourself to someone who won't believe you. The feeling of being accused of something you did not do, didn't think of doing and wouldn't even try to do is more than heartbreaking. It is like you want to escape from the chains and balls locked around your hands and feet because you know you are clean and innocent.

Now I know how bad it feels to be imprisoned with lies and to be locked up because of false accusations. Now I know how bad it feels when that person you want to belive you doesn't even try to consider your explanations. It makes me numb. It makes me helpless.

There is nothing else to say. There is nothing left to do because I have done everything. I'd rather be labeled a liar while telling the truth than pretend to tell the truth while telling a lie. So I stand on my words. Nothing is going to change because what my mouth utters are realism.

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It is okay if other people look at me negatively. What is important is how I look at myself because as long as I know I am clean and I am not doing anything filthy, I know I can walk the streets with head high and chin up.

All I know is that I hate liars and so I'm not and will never be a liar.

And all I know is that, it is easier for people to believe in lies than listen to the truth.

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16 (mga) komento

  1. I know what you feel, Sis. I also agree with you, what matters is if at the end of the day you can still look at yourself in the mirror and say, I told the truth and did what is right. Now, it's their problem if they will accept your truth or still be blinded by the lies they hear or believe.

  2. It's really hard to trust people especially those you don't know personally and only know online nowadays. Sad that there are expert liars who you can't telll are actually lying and saying false things behind your back.

  3. I think we don't have to regard telling the truth and saying lies as a binary division, there are of course, white lies and partial truths. You might not be able to convince someone who has chosen to shut his/her door on accepting any other alternatives, but perhaps the crucial question you should consider is: is it worth expending that amount of effort to do so? The answer to the latter question will help you decide your subsequent course of action.

    Another question that is also worth considering is: what is Truth? In the philosophical sense, there is no Truth in the world if you were to discuss this in the strictest sense, everything you perceived to be the ultimate Truth is but an interpretation of what is true to you. As with any other scientific fact, it only remains true until it is proven to be false.

    This is an exciting topic that can further a lot of discussion =)

  4. Reading this post somehow reflected what I feel sometimes. I totally agree. It's so hard to prove something to those people who have already convinced themselves to believe the things they only want to believe in.

  5. Some people are just in denial. There is no substitute to the cold hard truth.

  6. It is very hard to get caught in a lie. It usually becomes a web of lies you cannot escape. When it is already such a web, you would have inflicted a great harm to the person you are lying to.

  7. Hmmm... the problem about truth and lies is that it depends on the listener and which did he choose to believe. Lies to protect someone and truth that will hurt someone, which is better? I'm no longer sure now too..

  8. It's a bummer, I know. Everybody has his/her share of this. But then again, at the end of the day, the truth will always come out. It is indeed better to be called a liar if you are telling the truth.

  9. Trust is something that has to be earned and as they saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

  10. Oh, that is a hard situation to be in. You cannot convince a person to believe something if that person cannot see through the lies. Eventually, the truth will come out and that person will realize your honesty. Stay strong!

  11. You've got a point with this article. Maybe people tell lies because they know that when they've said the truth, they will make someone hurt. but it also depend on the people if they will gonna believe on lies. well. that's one of the reason why life becomes more complicated.

  12. Truth is bitter and sometimes believing in a blatant lie can feel comfortable but in the long run, it is better to accept and embrace the truth.

  13. Cheer my dear... Lie always sweet, that's why we easily fall into it.

  14. In the end, truth prevails. Lie will seep through somehow. And that time, your head will be held high and strong.
    A wise person will acknowledge the value of truth even he/she is corner. A fool will deny and only choose to listen to what he wants to hear.

    Press on, gal~

  15. I hope you are doing well babe. Or that this post isn't inspired by anything too terrible happening to you personally right now. I hate the feeling of being questioned and doubted, too.

  16. Trust is the main thing , if you trust someone you will believe whatever he/she says


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