Because Dads Need to Lie...

dad is a liar video

Everyday, we teach our kids not to lie. It isn't good to tell lies and twist realism. That is one important thing that we repeatedly teach our children but sometimes, we would lie to them to make them feel better. That is true. We do it because we love or kids very much. Sometimes, we even pretend we are okay so that they will be happy. But we do not know is that they are actually aware of the truth and it hurts them that we need to lie for their happiness.

There are many instances that we could lie to our kids. Some parents even do that their entire life just for the benefit of their children. We can see that in this touching video of a father and his daughter. The father didn't know that his daughter knew all his struggles just to give her a better life. And she wrote all that in a sweet tear jerking letter.

When I saw this video, I was moved to tears. Not just me but even Bella. She understood the video and cried a lot after seeing it.

The sacrifices of a father or also of a mother is really immeasurable. We have to show appreciation to what they can do for us each and everyday of our lives. And we should also teach the same to our children.

Share this video to daddy, papa, tatay, and all the father you know. They deserve some love.


  1. Waaah! Grabe. Speechless. Hagulhol to the max. But somehow, it makes me proud to be a parent.

  2. I agree that " childs future is worth sacrifice" The video is very touching and I must to say that I got teary eyed... The best!! as a parent I just want the best for my kids.Thanks you for sharing

  3. Nakakaiyak nga. Thanks for sharing this video. Truly, parents just want the best for their kids, even if it means sugar-coating the bitter truths of life.

  4. shaks, nakakaiyak naman to. namiss ko tuloy bigla papa ko.huhuhu

  5. I saw this video last Saturday and, like you, I also bawled my eyes out! I also showed it to my older children, explaining that they should appreciate their dad more because of the sacrifices he is making to ensure they have a better future.