Choosing the Right Worktop for Your New Kitchen

When you are a mother, you would spend time not just in your work areas but even in the kitchen. We also make sure that we will be able to serve the kids and the entire family a healthy and delicious meal. Because of that, we love our kitchens. Our kitchen, being the heart of the home, isn't just a well organized area but is also clean and well-designed. Sometimes, we even opt for a makeover when we feel like the kitchen is no longer suitable to the way we use it. One feature of the kitchen that is important is the countertop or the worktop. So, today, we will learn about the different kinds of worktops that we can use for our kitchen. Take a look at this guest post where I added some lovely kitchen interiors!


Selecting the best worktop for your kitchen is about more than just style or personal preference. Cost, functionality, and durability must be considered. Here are some surfaces that can help you with choosing the right worktop for your new kitchen.

Stainless Steel 

Professionals have fallen in love with stainless steel worktops because it it stain free, resists heat, and cleans very easily. Finger prints show up and scratches can be hard to cover or repair but it holds up well to the normal wear and tear of kitchen work. Its price tag means it's more affordable option and it is a great investment option too.


Used in laboratories, doctor offices, in workshops, and in many other environments, silestone is a popular choice because of its resistance to stains and bacteria. Silestone is a durable choice that offers many colour options for those wanting a natural worktop in their kitchen. It can be a bit on the expensive side, but in most cases the surface lasts for many many years and is well worth the investment.

Plastic Laminate

Completely man made and fabricated in a factory, laminate worktops are becoming more popular every year. It can be manufactured in a wide range of customizable edges and finishes, making it easy to fit into any d├ęcor. When choosing the right worktop for your new kitchen, laminate seems like a good option, but for those who cook a lot it might not be the best option as it can be dented and scratched fairly easily.


While it is not the most common option, a copper worktop is very easy to maintain, clean, and work on. It will react to certain things such as acids from foods and this can cause discolourations to the surface. Some people find that this adds to the charm and appeal of the unique looking surface and others find this to be a drawback. It can be expensive initially but the integrity of the metal itself will last a lifetime in most cases.


Ceramic or stone tile is not just one of the most popular options for worktop surfaces, it is also one of the most affordable. Prices vary depending on the tile chosen but it by far one of the cheaper options. Tile is durable, and it is one of the few options available for a full DIY project. Grout can be hard to clean but many find that to be a more than air trade off for the versatility of tile.


Granite is another popular natural stone that works well as a kitchen worktop surface. It comes in many different colours and patterns so you can likely find one that fits your kitchen remodel plans easily. When sealed, granite can be one of the most durable options available. Prices vary depending on the colour and pattern but when choosing the right worktop for your new kitchen this is a great option to consider.


For some people, wood and worktops might not seem like a good match, but if you choose high quality wood and take care of the surface a wooden worktop can be a viable option. The price you can expect to pay can vary greatly depending on the type of wood you choose. Use care when cleaning as chemicals and cleaners can damage the surface, but with proper care wood surfaces can last for years.

It can be a challenge to find the right worktop for your needs, but choosing the right worktop for your new kitchen can be easier than you think if you know what to look for! The Ramsbottom Kitchen Company are the UK's leading kitchen installers and can help review these options in detail with you, providing the right choice and the right finish for your new kitchen. 

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  1. I wish I can have either one of these kitchen in the future. I do love working in the kitchen.

  2. Granite Kitchen is AWESOME! but its too expensive- for now I'll settle with my very best kitchen which I spent most of time cooking and baking. Such a great idea for kitchen renovation.