Giveaway: Petite Feet 2 Ballet Adventure with Liz DVD

Petite Feet 2

Petite Feet 2 is such a wonderful engaging video that gets your young dancers up and active, as well as helps to promote creativity and imagination through song and dance. Petite Feet 2 is geared towards children who are two to six years of age, but as you know, us parents can join in too!
Here is a direct description of the new Petite Feet 2 Dvd that you can buy from Amazon HERE.

"Liz, Waldo and their dancing friends are back with new stretches, games and ballet combinations as well as an exciting adventure through the Alphabet Jungle. Petite Feet 2 engages young dancers in activities that promote creativity, dance skill development and educational foundations through movement. Great for children ages 2-6, Petite Feet 2 features new original music, animation and a selection of bonus chapters offering options for dancers at different stages of their dance development. Since receiving her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale, Liz has been a dance, yoga and theater educator in New York City and Los Angeles. She has taught through the New York City Ballet's Education Program and at Gabriella Charter School, a Los Angeles public charter school where all students have an hour of dance a day. She has always been a dancer who acts and an actor who dances, and she draws from both of these disciplines in her teaching and performance. Her teaching is also informed by her Master's studies in education at California State University Los Angeles."

Now.... Time for the giveaway from StellarManicMommy2!
Enter below for your chance to win your very own copy of the new Petite Feet 2!
Retails for $20
Good Luck!

Petite Feet 2: Ballet Adventure with Liz Dvd Giveaway!

Good luck to all!


  1. Cool! For sure kids will love this. Will share and might join too!

  2. My kids enrollled in a Ballet class before and they enjoyed it. It would be really nice to get or win this DVD so my kids can continue ballet dancing at home while having fun.