Kitchen Worktops: Granite or Corian?

Just recently, we read a post about kitchen worktops. Today, we have another one stating a comparison between two worktop materials, the granite and the corian. This is another informative guest post from one of our friends!


Modern kitchens are far more than a functional place tucked away where food is prepared. The modern kitchen is usually an open plan space more often than not and, even where it is not, it has become a key gathering place in any home.

Kitchen worktops play a vital part in the overall look of your kitchen and ultimately your home. A wide array of worktops is available on the market, but none is more desired than granite and Corian worktops. There are several differences between these two worktop choices and each has its own pros and cons.

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Granite vs Corian Kitchen Worktops and the Differences Between the 2

Granite has massive appeal, especially in high-end homes. It is a natural product mined directly from earth where nothing is added or removed in the process. It is cut into slabs, prepared and polished.
Corian, on the other hand, is man made and thus a synthetic hard worktop using binding resins like acrylic polymer and alumina try-hidrate as well as minerals.

• General Appeal
No solid surface material beats the sheen and depth that slab granite has. Corian is attractive in appearance, but will never match granite’s splendour.

• Heat
Slab granite has an extremely high resistance to heat whereas Corian does not. In fact, over exposure to heat will damage the finish on Corian while not on granite as it is sealed.

• Stains and Scratches
Slab granite is resistant to scratches, stains and chemicals as well as requiring less maintenance than Corian. Scratches and cracks are inevitable in Corian, but can be repaired, usually at a high cost. However, it is important that granite is sealed on a yearly basis while Corian does not as granite is porous and Corian non-porous.

• Selection
Slab granite is natural stone and thus the variety available is far less than in manmade Corian’s case. Corian is available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Corian also offers more accessories like integrated sinks and backsplashes.

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• Ease of Installation
Both these materials require expert installers like our expert installers at Kitchen Finesse to complete such an intricate job. Corian is easier to install, as it is less prone to chipping or breaking than slab granite.

• Cost
In general terms, granite is more expensive than Corian. The exact cost difference between slab granite and Corian differs and is very often comparable in price depending on the quality of granite or Corian you require.

 The Green Factor
Corian can be melted down and be used as a worktop again while this is not possible with granite. This has the effect that Corian is the greener choice between the two materials.

• Seams
The seams on Corian worktops are invisible as it is sanded and polished to create a seamless look. Slab granite has seams, as it is a natural product with natural irregularities in pattern. Our skilled team will however minimize the appearance of seams and make them less visible to the naked eye.

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• Return on Investment
When selling your house, slab granite will add more value to it than Corian and other hard surfaces. Corian is the second best choice after slab granite and has major consumer recognition.

In the end, it comes down to personal choice. Granite vs Corian kitchen worktops and the differences between the 2 only illustrate the pros and cons. It does not matter which one you choose, they are both excellent choices.

For more information on slab granite, Corian and other hard worktop advice, please contact us at Kitchen Finesse. We have been serving the UK mainland since 2007.


  1. I researched on a good slab when I was renovating my tiny kitchen--yes, granite is great especially if you are always using your kitchen. More cost effective.

  2. With a humble home we've, kitchen worktop is of no value to us. But what you're sharing here is very informative and could add value to the house in general.

  3. yes, ur right granite is a bit costly but i think its quality will tell you why

  4. Why not consider a solid wood kitchen worktop instead? They're easy to maintain, long lasting and gorgeous looking. And the prices are amazing!