Never Miss A Special Occasion With the EverMinder App

I admit it. I am forgetful. I really am, especially with all the things that I need to finish. Sometimes, I could miss special events and other important works. I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this. Even you! Have you experienced that one member of your family felt bad about not being able to receive a gift or get a celebration for a special event just because you FORGOT?

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Well, in this age of smart phones, iPads and apps and all the technology, nothing is impossible. I'm sure you will find the EverMinder app very helpful because it will remind you of dates and events. But that is not all! The recipient can also change and edit it to meet their needs and could provide you links to a certain Amazon product that they want to have as a gift. How convenient could that be? You will no longer miss anniversaries and other occasions and you will be able to give them a gift that they really want.

And you what else will make you love EverMinder? It is free for everyone..FOREVER! That is super great!

Wondering how it works? Here is how:

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So easy, right? You will surely end up friends with the EverMinder superhero elephant. Elephants are the animals that never forget making them a hero for you and your family as he keeps everyone connected forever!

If you have a curious mind, EverMinder was founded in 2013 by Ben Wiener. He is a serial startup entrepreneur who is also the Managing Partner of Jumpspeed Ventures, an early‐stage VC fund. He created EverMinder because he wanted to have an adequate, free and effective solution to remind everyone with important events.

Where to Find EverMinder:

Now, this is a solution for the entire family! No more excuses for missed occasions and you will now be able to give and receive the gift that you really want!

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