Why I Am Afraid to Send my Daughter to School

While looking at my three year old daughter, I can feel how time flies. She is tall and smart and all! She really is someone I dreamed to have as a daughter. This year, she will be going to school. Actually, she always wanted to go to school but I think she deserves to spend more time playing and watching videos and other fun stuffs in the house. Because when she is already studying, she would spend more time in school.

There are mornings when she wakes up saying,

"Mommy, it is Monday. I want to go to school." 

What should a good mommy say to her? No? Because she really isn't in school yet? Or yes, just to make her happy? I say both. Lol. If No doesn't work, then I'll try Yes. But actually, whatever is the answer, she would still insist to go to school the whole day.

As a matter of fact, she would put on her clothes, her shoes and wear her Minnie Mouse backpack. She'll be in a "going mode" for a few hours then she will forget it once she sees her favorite cartoon in TV or in YouTube. I really owe the TV screen and the computer monitor a lot.

Last year, we tried to send her to school but the school where we want her in cannot accept her yet because she was just two. They didn't have playschool too. I didn't insist because I also think she is too young. But at her young age, she already knows her phonetics and could read. She can count 1-20, know her shapes, body parts, colors and others. I know she is very prepared for school. She might even get bored because she already know the lessons just like what happened when I sent her to a Reading summer class last year.

why i am afraid to send my daughter to school

So this adorable daughter of mine is going to school this year. And to be honest, I am afraid.  I have fears of letting her stay in school while I am not around. What comes into my mind are the violence happening around us. The shooting incidents in schools, the bullying, the kidnapping and all. I know I am thinking too much negative stuff but we have to accept the fact that this are happening and have occurred in some schools. We know there are people who don't fear God and doesn't have a heart even for children. I am really afraid. Super duper mega afraid. But I am not saying that this is going to happen here, I am just scared because of what is happening all around the world. I know you know what I mean.

Are schools still safe? I don't know. What if another earthquake happens while she is in school? What if there would be another tsunami alert in our area? Would I be able to fly and get her to safety?

What if some won't like her in school? Well, she is a friendly type but we have to recognize the reality that some kids are brats (lol). I am worrying that she might get pushed in the playground or someone might get her pencil and just anything that might hurt her or annoy her or make her feel bad.

Many things happen in school. A lot really. I've been there. We've all been there. Yes, we learn not just academic stuff but even how to live and to be a better person. I just hope we could send her to a school that will mold her into a good person same way as we brought her up in the house. And I hope, she'll be smarter and not duller when in school. This worries me too because sometimes, teachers and classmates make kids duller (just an observation). That is why we have to decide on which school she could go.

But in truth, I don't want to let her to go to school. I am thinking of homeschooling because of all the worries I have.

But then again, she might feel like she was deprived of something "normal" to her age and something that is experienced by the majority. Since there isn't homeschooling in our area, I have no choice but send her to school.


Forgive a mom that worries too much.

I need milk or coffee or coffee with milk.

Did you worry about the day your kid's started going to school too?


  1. I feel you, until now I'm still a paranoid mom even though my son is already in Kinder level. Takot pa rin ko sa mga bully at naiinis ako pag may nananakit sa anak ko. Kung pwede lang iganti ang anak. lol I know we can't shield them 24/7 and I hope one day my son will learn how to defend himself.

  2. Have you consider homeschooling? My daughter is smart and fast learner too and I think that's one of the reasons why she doesn't want to go to school anymore kasi nabo-bored na sya minsan sa lessons sa school. But she said she wants to graduate and wear toga so tiis na lang hanggang march. There are times na ayaw talaga pumasok, so ayokong pilitin. Na-stress lang si bagets. Next school year homeschooling na sya, Grade 1.

  3. I also am afraid of sending my kids to school, sometimes. Aside from these horrific happenings in other schools, I also worry that they get burned out easily in school, especially when starting at such a young age. My grade one said she doesn't like school na. Ang aga no?

  4. I think I will feel the same when my baby is going to school na. But you're also right, your kid has to experience how it feels to be in school...

  5. According to you: "Many things happen in school. A lot really. I've been there. We've all been there. Yes, we learn not just academic stuff but even how to live and to be a better person. "........... If you let her stay at home,do you think she'll learn what she ought to? Experience is the best teacher.

  6. You can try sending your child in school when she is five or you can find a school where play (which is important) is emphasized. Kasi, children at three should learn how to use their fine motor muscles for writing by play (through clay, artwork etc). they should not be forced to write muna. My three kids love their grade school (my 2 girls are already in their teens). they never missed school and halos walang bully sa school nila.i think the school has something to do with it din. I brought them to a school (here in baguio) with an all-inclusive concept. All Inclusive meaning walang distinctions-the gifted, mentally challenged and the regular kids are mixed together. And you know what, the kids grow to be more compassionate.

  7. I understand what you're going through. I went through that when my daughter was younger but this is something they need to go through as they grow up.

  8. Ahhh, the feeling is mutual, dear. I have four kids and I had to go through the same anxiety when they were little. That's why I opted to homeschool the little ones now. Personally, homeschooling works for us at the moment, than sending them to a big school.

  9. I am lucky that my son's school is within our village and just a few steps away from our house. I entrust Him to God and I know He will keep him safe always.

  10. Parents are in a perpetual state of worry. I think kids should also be taught who they talk to and how to react in a situation that compromises their safety. I believe that there are also so much goodness in the world.

  11. It's normal and natural to worry. But the thing is, you should let your daughter experience it. It will help her gain more confidence. Been there too :)

  12. No matter how much we want to keep our children in our fence, we can't if they start going to school unless you want to home school. Better look for a school near your area sis and pray for her safety all the time. :-)

  13. At first I feel like I'm about to try cry but when I saw her smiling and told me the story on how she love being at school and learning it makes me happy. :)

  14. I didn't fear sending my eldest daughter to school, but her first day just made me realize that she's growing up, and fast.
    If you're not yet ready, maybe postpone it for another year? At least by then, she'll really be ready...and hopefully you will be as well =)

  15. When our son turned three, we started looking a school for him. Unfortunately the school few blocks from our house won't accept him due to age so we tried to inquire another school.
    Our son is willing to go to school but the school director told us that there are still some kids that are willing to go to school but in the middle of the year, they got bored and stopped.
    Because of this, we decided to wait for another school year and Mommy do some homeschooling lesson muna before we send him to school proper. Good to know that he is performing better than what we expected.