Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chesterfield Sofa Design

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Chesterfield sofas have been in existence for many decades, but are still a favourite style for many people. These furniture are timeless classics that can transform your home or office through their rich history. Over the years, furniture designers have been experimenting with these designs to come up with more modern styles, and have improved the versatility and comfort of these sofas. With the wide variety of designs available, what should you look out for when choosing the ideal classic furniture?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Chesterfield Sofa

1. Comfort

Chesterfield sofas offer your living room that much-desired classic look. However, it doesn’t mean that you sacrifice comfort; it should be a major consideration when selecting your Chesterfields. Traditionally, these furniture pieces came with steep, vertical backs, which made them exceptionally uncomfortable and necessitated the use of throw pillows for comfort. Modern designs come with improved coziness, owing to the slightly-angled back that offers support to the lower back. Additionally, designs that use multi-density foam instead of low-grade foam offer all-day comfort.

You should consider other factors such as the depth, and height of the arms, as these affect the level of comfort of your Chesterfield sofa. A sofa that’s too shallow is bound to cut into your back, causing a lot of discomfort. Only go for a design that is able to offer support to your upper back, especially when you recline.

2. Configuration

Chesterfield sofas are available in a wide variety of configurations. These furniture pieces can be tailor-made according to your taste and preference, depending on the size, tufting pattern, color, type of upholstery, and leg style. Other customisable options include the seating depth, seat cushions, and nail heads.

Chesterfield Sofa Design

3. Traditional vs. Contemporary Designs

Even though Chesterfield sofas are among the oldest sofa styles, the designs are not only limited to the traditional designs that existed several decades ago. More contemporary designs have come up over the years to cater to the growing tastes of the modern consumer.

If you are after that classic look, you should consider upholstery similar to that, that was used historically i.e. dark leather neutrals and/or dark velvets such as mushroom brown, emerald green, deep blue, or ruby red. For a more contemporary look, you should go for white, mid-tone grey, and/or other bright and bold colors such as bright red, light blue, or orange.   
4. Choice of Upholstery
Your choice of upholstery should be determined by a number of factors including durability, stain resistance, sun fade resistance, and texture. Apart from leather, there are many different fabrics that you could choose from, with the most common being woven cotton, linen, and velvet.

5. Space

These sofas are ideal for creating an environment for holding conversations. The characteristic rolled-back rest is quite attractive from behind. Furthermore, the low profile ensures that the piece of furniture doesn’t create a visual barrier within the room. As such, the most favorable position to put your Chesterfield sofa is right in the middle of your living room. Your choice of sofa design should be able to define your living space.

Chesterfield Sofa Design

6. Leg Logic

Sofas from leading furniture makers such as Chesterfield Sofa Company are designed with ornately-styled legs such as fluted feet, square tapers, and bun feet. Additionally, the height of the feet varies from four to six inches high. Ensure you select the sofas with leg logic that fits your preference.

7. Tuft Pattern

Furniture designers use tuft patterns to attract attention and /or make a statement. For instance, narrow tufting presents a more traditional look, whereas atelier spacing in Chesterfields presents a contemporary look.

Lovely isn't it? I actually didn't know that this sofa is called Chesterfields. Not until this guest post! But this kind of upholstery is really looking fab indeed!

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