Fun and Educational DIY Courses for Kids from KidStarter

Even before I had Bella, I always enjoy Arts and Craft as well DIYs for just whatever I can think of. As a matter of fact, I enjoy making things on my own even when I was younger. In school, I would make my own projects because I just love drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting and just any task related to arts and crafting. As I grew up, I brought that love for making stuff with me.

One summer, I was asked to teach to an Arts and Craft class for toddlers. I was so excited! I enjoyed the kids and I also loved teaching them to do some interesting stuff that would somehow develop different skills. I can tell that the kids love the messy activities more. I guess, all kids are like that. Another observation that was obvious for me is that the kids are very curious and are very creative too! Their creativity begins from their curiosity!

Becoming a parent made me love DIYs even more. Bella knows that I can make stuff that is why she would ask me to make whatever comes to her mind. I would let her help me too except for the cutting part which is unfortunately her favorite task. I just love seeing her wonderful smile everytime we finish something. It is indeed true that it is the responsibility of the parents to nurture the children while they are still young.

Fun and Educational DIY Courses for Kids from KidStarter

This is exactly what we can get from KidStarter.  They can inspire kids to explore through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at an early age.  Of course, it is done through interactive, instructor-led workshops where the kids build an entire product from scratch. The kids are introduced to DIY concepts, problem-solving, and teamwork.  Above all, it is a "fun and safe environment where children feel comfortable to expose their inner geek". Isn't that amazing? Get to know more about KidStater through this video:

If only there is a KidStarter near us, I would definitely send Bella to this! This would be the perfect place for her to learn while having fun and at the same time sharpen her artistic skills as well. I am pretty sure that kids would feel very happy that they are able to create something new from recycled materials or just from anything.

Look at what the kids can make.

DIY Courses for Kids

Pretty mobiles from clay for these little girls. Just take a look at what shapes and forms they were able to create. And yes, their smiles can tell us how happy they really are!


There are various activities and crafts to do for both boys and girls. Boys can even try making their own robots!

In KidStarter, the children can make different items from trash or just from any pieces that they can find. They will be engineers of their own toys and other items that would turn out useful with just some tweaking and whole lot of creativity! Look at how the items below were transformed into something very cool!

KidStarter Courses

This is really an exciting thing both for kids and parents too. Another advantage of giving this kind of experience to our kids is that they will be able to step away from their computers and iPads. Let them know that the real way of learning is actually to experience it and do it on their own.

They can surely learn so much from DIYs and arts and crafts. And I am very certain that when the kids finish something, they aren't the only ones that are proud but especially you as a parent!

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