What We Need to Know About Roller Garage Doors

I admit it. I really don't know much about garage doors especially that we don't have a closed garage. Lol. But this guest post does look interesting and is very informative. For sure, you'll learn a lot from this.


While many components of the home add to its overall attractiveness, such as the windows, doors, siding, and roofing, the garage door can also enhance or detract a property. Therefore, a homeowner that hasn't touched the garage door since moving in may want to consider an upgrade. A less unconventional style choice called the roller garage door or the rolling shutter garage door allows for customization options on the part of the homeowner. These doors are also known for durability and relatively easy construction, which is ideal if the homeowner insists on installing a new garage door themselves.

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Most roller garage doors feature a dependable steel or aluminum base as well as a bottom rail and end locks. The aluminum bottom rail adds some weight to the garage door.  End locks help secure the garage door when the homeowner opens and closes it; these parts are made of a combination of aluminum and plastic to be lightweight.

Of course, if the homeowner prefers it, they can find many different finishes for the front or a roller garage door besides steel or aluminum. Fiberglass or wood paneling are also popular choices. With materials like steel and aluminum, the homeowner can easily apply a new coat of paint over these metals to match the garage door to the rest of the home. With a layer of primer applied first, paint on steel or aluminum should last for years without much if any maintenance.

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One of the best perks of roller garage doors is the ability for these to open and close in a vertical direction. That makes these the perfect type of garage door to choose if the homeowner wants to use their garage space for storage. The homeowner will never have to worry about accidentally damaging their car or truck when parking it in the garage due to the way that roller garage doors open. There are plenty of benefits to parking a car or truck in the garage rather than leaving it in the outdoors. First, in the case of a thunderstorm, snowstorm, or windy day, the vehicle does not have to be exposed to the elements.

Another benefit of parking a car or truck inside the garage is that the vehicle doesn't lose its color due to sun fading. It also won't get dirty as quickly, which is useful if the homeowner is tired of going to the carwash again and again. Most importantly, if the car is hidden out of sight, the chances of the vehicle being stolen are significantly reduced. If the homeowner just spent a lot of money on a new car, this kind of added security is incredibly valued.

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Most roller garage doors do include a layer of foam between the steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. However, a homeowner may want to consider insulating their garage if they want to use it for recreational purposes. Insulating a garage is relatively inexpensive but produces big benefits. Air won't travel in and out of the garage, preventing the space from ever getting too hot or too cold. This majorly reduces the numbers on a homeowner's energy bill, saving the homeowner money in the process.

Homeowners that want a roller garage door today should choose Hormann Roll Matic garage door. Opening up to the garage's ceiling, these aluminum roller garage doors include remote control access so that the homeowner can limit who can get into the garage. This is a very useful anti-theft measure. 

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