Some Valuable Garden Lighting Tips

Aside from plants and trees or your hardscape, what adds more beauty to a home is the lighting. That is true for both indoors and outdoor lights. I have seen so many dramatic outdoor spaces and all of them looked like that because of the lights. So, today, we have  guest post about garden lights. Hope you'll find this a valuable read!


After spending hours planting and tending to flowers, shrubs, and other greenery, a homeowner wants to show off their hard work. Garden lighting is one way to do that, as it illuminates the beautiful variety of plants. Of course, a homeowner that has never used garden lights before may have questions about nighttime lighting, which types of lights to use, which cables are best, and where to buy garden lights. By following these tips, a homeowner's garden can shine day and night.

Garden Lighting Tips

There are many ways to light up a garden at night. The homeowner can select from path lighting, uplighting, downlighting, backlighting, and even underwater lighting. Path lighting is self-explanatory, as these are a series of lights set up along a front yard or backyard path that sets the garden aglow once the sun sets. 

Uplighting is ideal for homeowners with trees, as these lights are positioned at the base of the tree so that it looks like a beacon in the night. Downlighting lighting illuminates the garden down through a floodlight. Backlighting requires some space behind the garden, but it can produce gorgeous and stunning shadows. Lastly, underwater lighting fixtures float in a swimming pool or manmade pond. If the pond is near the garden, this can create an interesting effect.

Once the homeowner selects a nighttime lighting arrangement for their garden, they need to consider the types of lights used. Cheap lights are likely to burn out often. The homeowner will need to be diligent about replacing these, which is a hassle. 

For a more energy-efficient and less expensive option, the homeowner should consider Lutron LED lights instead. LED lights burn with lesser wattage to expend less energy. Overall, this saves the homeowner money on their monthly energy bills. These lights also last longer compared to traditional bulbs. The homeowner can find LED lighting fixtures from Lutron in interesting shapes and designs to fit the garden.

Before lighting the garden up tonight, the homeowner has to take power cables into consideration. LED lights may run on a lower wattage, but they still need the right power source to work. High-voltage cables, also often called HV cables, are typically used to keep the garden illuminated at a reasonable price. However, a professional should install HV cables. The homeowner can also choose low-voltage cables, which are simpler to install but more expensive to maintain. By setting a budget, the homeowner can decide which cables make more sense for their garden lighting needs.

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Homeowners that want to buy a garden lighting fixture should consider shopping at Garden Lighting by Design LTD. This UK-based company has been in business for nearly 15 years. The homeowner can get in touch with Garden Lighting by Design and a few talented staff members will come out to the home. After consulting with the homeowner, the staff will create a blueprint of the front yard or backyard to plan for what kinds of lighting fixtures would look best and be most cost-effective. Next,

Garden Lighting by Design will install the fixtures. The homeowner can opt for the company to come out every now and again for maintenance so that these lighting fixtures last for as long as possible.

Garden lighting, whether it's in the front yard or backyard, is a simple but gorgeous addition to home decor. No matter the season, the proud homeowner can show off those pretty plants. By considering the best type of lighting options, the most cost-effective cables, and the types of bulbs to use for lighting fixtures, a homeowner's landscaping can look luminous.


  1. I agree with you! garden lighting will help your back/front yard looks pretty especially at night. Thanks for the idea. I'll find one soon for my garden.

  2. I love a garden that's dimly lit at night. It's very romantic.

  3. I love outdoor lighting! We had cafe light strings set up for our backyard.