The UK's 5 Most Popular Hot Tubs: A Full Review

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What could be better than owning your very own hot tub? When one finds himself relaxing in his own hot tub after a hard day's work, the answer is a simple, "not much."  Anyone wanting a hot tub of his own should consider purchasing one of these most popular models.

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5 Top Hot Tubs

•Cannes 6 person hot tub: This sleek, elegant, and roomy hot tub's cerulean blue finish (as well as 9 other equally hot colours available) is candy for the eyes! Featuring a total of 42 jets--of which 20 are fully adjustable--this baby is the epitome of hot tub luxury. A 700w heater keeps the water nice and hot, while an advanced filter system keeps it clean.

•Sete Round 6 person hot tub: The round design provides ultra smooth seating, and encourages folks to be neighborly. The shell is available in 10 different colours, and features an underwater light. There are four nifty headrests built in, as well. There are 4 cabinet colours to choose from, and 5 for covers. At almost 800 pounds less than the Cannes, this hot tub is a great deal for the seating capacity it offers.

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•Glacier 6-8 person hot tub: The ultimate in roominess! Dimensions are 2460x1969x800. Featuring 4 headrests, an underwater light, and LED fountain lights, this spacious design says style and comfort.

•Aspen Theatre hot tub: This hot design comes fully loaded with a pop-up TV, a radio and CD player, speakers, mood lights, and adjustable flow jets! This is the king of hot tubs, and comfortably seats 6 occupants--all seats face the television.

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•Belinda 6 person hut tub: This is a lot of hot tub for a great price. The spacious design is perfect for 2, but can accommodate 6. Features include, but are not limited to, 2 LED lights, 30 fully adjustable water jets, 10 air jets, and an advanced filter system.

Owning a hot tub is a pleasure not everyone can afford; there is a bit of expense that goes with maintaining one--some estimate about 20 pounds a month. That's why investing in a better made hot tub is a wise choice for those considering buying one. Installing a garden hut tub can set a fellow back financially, but if he's shopped wisely he'll be grateful for it--pleasure is supposed to come headache free.

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That's why Sun Spas prides itself on quality hot tubs and spas--built to the highest standards in the UK--and guarantees the lowest price. Customer satisfaction is a high priority, so buyers know they are purchasing a quality hot tub, as well as quality service. If it's time to install that hot tub, consider the aforementioned five. These are some of the best examples of what's finest in the modern hot tub experience.

Each model is available in several decadent colours, and all can be professionally installed by trained technicians. There's nothing quite like owning a hot tub; sore muscles,  wearisome thoughts, and the troubles of the day all fade away when one relaxes in a hot tub. They can't be beat for stress relief! And who doesn't want to party in the hot tub after a long work week? These hot tubs make a week end celebration tops. Guests will love them.

Own a piece of luxury. Custom order one of the hottest, most popular hot tubs available today--at an affordable price. Experience what others already know; nothing beats relaxing in the hot tub after a long day.

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