Wood Flooring Improves Saleability and Value to a Property

Updating the look of a home by changing some materials in it will not just improve the look of your home but it will also increase its value. That is why, if you are planning to sell your home, make sure to renovate it first so you can earn more from it.One area that might need to be changed is your flooring. You can choose from a variety of materials which includes wood. Yes, wooden flooring does look lovely. Today, we have another guest post about wood for flooring. Come take look.


It is a known fact that wood flooring improves saleability and value to a property. When a home hits the market and it has upgrades like wood flooring it is known to be listed with a higher price, it sells faster and also the home tends to sell for a highly competitive and impressive price. Wood flooring is also very easy to care for and it retains its quality over many years. Making the decision to invest in upgraded wood flooring is very beneficial and the process can be simple if you consider some very basic facts:

Types of Flooring

There are many different types of wood flooring options available. It is a good idea to do some research ahead of time in order to pick the type of wood flooring that will complement a home best as well as stick to a certain budget. Some very common flooring options include the following:

-Unfinished planks
-Prefinished planks
-Engineered planks
-Hand scraped planks

wooden flooring

There is a lot to consider in addition to styling preferences. The humidity of a home contributes to what kind of wood should be used. Wood can absorb humidity and the job could actually be compromised if the proper products were not used. When moisture seeps into wood, the wood expands and the floor can become uneven or unattractive.

Concrete Areas

When hardwood is installed into an area that has concrete flooring the type of flooring should be considered as well as the additional materials used. Typically a moisture barrier should be placed between the concrete and the wood. This prevents the wood from absorbing too much moisture and the cold temperatures that seep through the concrete will not be an issue either.

wooden flooring

Eco-Friendly Products
There are many wood flooring options that are very eco-friendly and ‘green’. These products are usually created by companies who replant trees in place of the ones they have taken for production of their product. Also, wood flooring planks are available that have not been treated with harmful chemicals or products that would off gas into the home for many years to come.


The design of a room or home can really focus on the flooring that has been installed. Wood flooring really gives a home a much more rich and expensive look. The furniture and other items placed in the room are often secondary to the look of the wood floor. Planks can be installed at certain angles to give a room a certain look or feel.

There are different shades of wood that can match and coordinate within a home. Really the design options are endless when it comes to wood flooring and the overall appearance of wood flooring improves saleability and value to a property.
A brand new or well-kept wood floor really draws the attention of people who are shopping around for a new home. Educated shoppers know that wood flooring will not need to be replaced for many years if ever. Carpets break down and become worn. A home that has a few rooms with wood flooring or homes that have wood floors throughout will sell easier and at a better price. 

For people who are considering investing in wood flooring, Just Wood is a great resource. Here you can find descriptions and educational material on wood flooring as well as items for purchase. There is also a knowledgeable and helpful staff that can help assist customers with any concerns or questions that they may have.

Image source: McClellan ArchitectsBlansfield Builders, Inc.


  1. Other than those you enumerated in your article, a wooden flooring for me has a more homey feel. I didn't realize that there are a variety of colors too. Thank you for these information!

  2. I acutally like wood flooring but the more common nowadays are tiles. We're doing some upgrading at home and we're still thinking what flooring to install.

  3. This really comes in time for me. Why? We are about to do some flooring renovation to our home and I am trying to find the perfect style/design for it.

  4. Wood flooring makes the place warm and elegant.