Guest Post: Fortress Apartments in New York City

I had been writing about apartments these days for a different website and here is a guest post about apartments. This talks more about the safety in an apartment.


When you are looking for an apartment there are some things you should always be mindful of. One of these things is of course safety. While fortress apartments in New York City may not yet be a real thing, there are plenty of apartments in town which can make you feel as though you have the protection of armor on. Here are some of the things you should be looking for in order to find your very own fortress apartments in New York City.

Apartments in New York City

Doorman: Maybe the first thing which can put up something of a barricade between you and the outside world are doormen. You want to be sure that you are having a doorman on staff on a full time basis. You also should check to see if there are doormen and security or if it is just one. The security detail is an added bonus because they are mobile while the doorman sits vigilant at the front desk always. 

Video: Whether your apartment building does or doesn't have a doorman there is another never-blinking eye which can be of use in order to maintain safety in your building, video surveillance. This is particularly helpful if you are going to be away and leaving your family for days or weeks at a time. Moreover the video portion of the surveillance can actually be a lot more of a deterrent for thieves or others looking to cause mischief. A doorman is a person and people are flawed; a video surveillance system is electronic and has none of these same flaws.

Records: An even bigger deal for many people looking for fortress apartments in New York City should be the amount of records which are kept of visitors to the building. This also is becoming something of an automated thing so much so that a person may not even need to be there to record it in order to know that you or someone else was there. You should ask about how far back records are kept at the buildings you are looking for and see how much of this paper trail the building can produce. You don't want to be a stickler about something like this but you are looking for your very own fortress apartments in New York City. 

Neighbors: One final call to arms may be the impact of your potential future neighbors. This can be something of a hit-or-miss thing because when you are visiting the building you may not get a very wide swath of neighbors, but it can't hurt to ask anyone you meet in passing how safe it is they feel in this building. You will hopefully find out some good answers to your questions and will be able to make a much more empowered and informed decision about the level of security in that building from their answers.

While all of these things are important, you have to do your own due diligence in order to discover if these fortress apartments in New York City are actually as safe as they sound. While researching on Prestige International you may have thought you had found the perfect bit of application of this ethos. Prestige International has got the very best apartments with so many wondrous amenities like spas, private decks, private entrances, and top-notch security so that every visitor to your unit is cataloged. Don't take my word for it though; look for yourself on the Prestige International webpage and find out just how accessible, safe, and entrenched you can be in somewhere as crowded and excited for space as New York City!

Image Credit: ZG Renderings

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