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Kim Kardashian Hollywood

I know you know who is Kim Kardashian. And yes, she is this famous that she has her own game. I actually saw this game before but never thought of downloading it. But then, I saw that many are playing and that it has already millions of users and fans. Hmmm...there must be something about this app.

And so, one day, when Bella took a rest from her iPad Mini sessions (lol!), I had my time to download the game and eventually tried it. In this game, you will become a star, rule the red carpet, deal with paparazzis, date celebs, makeover, and many others. Of course, you would be friends with Kim Kardashian too.

It actually took awhile for the game to load and then it came to the part where you can randomize your own character. It is YOU who is on the game. You can customize it later like what I did.

Kim Kardashian Game

The first part is that you are working in a shop called So Chic. You'll be folding clothes and other until you have a close encounter with Kim Kardashian. And from there, your road to stardom begins because KK will see that you have the potential to be a star like her. Too good to be true in real life Lol.

There would be conversations and you could choose what to respond. This way, you are in control of the game. And notice that I have a different look already.

=Kim Kardashian Hollywood App

There will be different tasks and missions for the game. You would need energy for that. This is the downside beside it takes time for the energy to return and I got so bored waiting for it. But you can actually watch videos too and earn energy or money. You will have money and stars too which you can use to purchase items and even energy.

See that blue green button? When you tap that, you can complete a task. You would have some appointments to have your photos taken for a magazine spread or sometimes, just guest appearance and others. Your task varies and you will feel even more like a star as your level increases.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Review

The missions that you need to accomplish are on the left side. You would take small tasks to achieve them and gather stars and money along the way. In this screenshot, you can see my character talking to Simon, my manager.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Review

And of course, you will also mingle with other people too. Some would even create some issues and others like what happens in the real world of Hollywood. Just read my conversation with KK below.

But it is important that you mingle with others to increase your popularity. You must even have a date with someone.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

And yes, you can change your outfit and your look too. Here are two of the looks I had for the game. You would need to buy some of the clothes and others.

All in all, I love the game! It is even somewhat addicting!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

I am sure you will enjoy this game. You can check it out and download too! But I am warning you, you have to be patient because it takes some time to load. But then again, it is worth the wait! I enjoy playing this game.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

You can download it through the link above or you can try checking it in iTunes. This is for iPhone and iPad.

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12 (mga) komento

  1. My nieces would definitely love this app, I will share this to them.

  2. i will share this to my cousin :) She will love this.

  3. hahahaha my husband and daughter are pretty addicted to this game! :P

  4. A celebrity's life, even on app, looks exhausting, haha... But I wouldn't mind having millions on my bank account, I just don't wanna be famous, lol.

  5. So funny I read this after I saw that Kim K block on FB, it alutomatically blocks anything on the web that mentions Kim K. LOL I have several friends who love this game!

  6. Wow!! Will download this. I bet my curly little one would love this!

  7. Who's Kim Kardashian? Haha joke. I think it's a fun app! Ma-try nga!

  8. I like this kind of game! Ma-try nga. :D

  9. My daughters will love this game :-) thanks for the tip.

  10. This would surely be a hit with my kikay daughter.

  11. a perfect app for my not so little sis :)

  12. haha. cute game. :) I'm not very kikay but I bet this is a very cute app. :)


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