Three Even More Awesome Ways To Throw The Ultimate, Best Ever House Party

How was your holiday? I am sure most of you have visited relatives or went to beaches or just had a staycation. Yet, despite the holidays, there are still a lot of work to do. I had been a bit busy these days and haven't posted anything new but good thing we have here a guest post about hosting parties! Come take a look.


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You're obviously reading this because you're looking to have a house party in the near or even distant future. Well you've come to the right spot! This is a guide designed to help you to throw the most kick arse party of the 21st-century; yes even better than Kim Kardashian’s failed 90-day wedding party. Maybe even better than anything Kanye has ever done, though that wouldn’t be hard now, would it? When you’re looking to throw a house party there are a few key things to consider. You need to consider whether everyone is going to have enough space to get down, and that there’s going to be enough music to hang out with, dance to, and enjoy. We’ve created this handy guide which will help you to throw the best party ever!

Step One

Make sure that your food is amazing and the drinks are ice cold. People don’t go to parties after having a full meal (except for in university when you’re heading out to a keg party. Wise pre-planning, really). No, people go to parties expecting to be fed and they want to be fed well. Sure, you can put out some celery and salad if you want, but I don’t think that you’re going to see anyone at your next party. Also, for respect’s sake, make sure you think about the people you invited and don’t offer the vegans some chicken wings.  

The alcohol is vital. If you decide to go down the (far cheaper) BYO route, just make sure there’s plenty of ice and places for them to get their drinks cold. If you’re offering a full spread, you baller you, you can’t just have beer and think that your friends are going to be okay with that. For fun and variety’s sake you need to have beer, wine, possibly spirits if the budget runs to it, and plenty of things to chase it all down with. Also think about the designated drivers and offer some sort of interesting non-alcoholic beverage. 

Step Two

Make sure you’ve got some great music ready to go, because the number one rule here is that if the music sucks your party is going to suck. There are no exceptions. If one of your friends has mad and/or fully sick DJ skills then for gods (and your party’s) sake, buy him a slab and then get him to put stuff down in the corner. Sling some vinyl, rock an iPod, whatever they do make sure you know what’s going to be played. If you don’t love Skrillex but know your mate does, make sure you have a word in his ear prior. If you don’t have someone who is awesome at the music then take control of yourself but make sure you hide your iPod.

Step Three

Choose the area for your party wisely, as it can make or break an occasion. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Do you have enough heaters if it’s going to be a cold night? If you don't have a huge backyard then why not think about putting something out on the nature strip in your street, at least for the afternoon? It’s always a good idea for a party as it involves your neighbours and means there’s less chance of them complaining later if they’re drinking right along side you! If you do have a great backyard think about stringing up some fairy lights or putting up some decorations. If your deck is looking a little worse for wear, consider getting some Enviroslat cladding from Futurewood and get it looking awesome in no time. You might even impress that hippie babe you’ve been trying to get the attention of with your environmentally friendly choices! 

Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. If I have bigger house, I would want to throw parties too. This is really important "Make sure that your food is amazing and the drinks are ice cold".