Warming Your Home This Winter

Another post about heating and heaters. This time, you will be given a clear comparison of the different heaters that we usually use in the house. Read this guest post and be informed.


You have an abundance of different choices for your home when you’re thinking about heating the space in the lounge room or the bedroom. As a homeowner or a home renter, you need to think about the impact on your wallet just as much as you need to think about the impact on the warmth levels in your house. It can be kind of confusing to consider all of the different possible ways that you can warm your home, but thankfully for you we have compiled a list of some of the most common types of heaters that you can get, and have developed the pros and cons for each possible method. 

The main types of heaters that you can get include electric heaters, gas heaters and of course, the old reverse-cycle air conditioner. What’s best for you is going to depend on a couple of key things in the home, so let’s have a bit of a look at the different types. 

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Electric Heaters

One of the most common and most readily available at short notice heaters, the humble electric heater has been doing a great job of keeping your toes warm at night for ages. There are pros and cons though, so let’s see what the electric heater has got going for it. 

Pros – very portable, so you can take it with you from room to room, (or share house to share house); cheap to buy and to have in the home (and you can easily buy two or three); a good option for short term use and for use in a small space, like a toilet or bathroom. 
Cons – can be very expensive to run, as they produce heat in a blast and really draw down on the power; can be dangerous to have in the home as they can cause fires if they’re older models without cut off switches; not great for overnight use or for large areas.

Overall, the electric heater is great for warming up a small spot or for a bit of indulgent toe warming while you are watching the football. 

Gas Heaters
If you’ve got gas piped into your home, the gas heater is an option for you. They can be a very efficient heater and can be very good value for money. The gas heater comes in two different types: flued (which means that fumes are directed outside via a pipe) and unflued (which means that fumes are pushed out into the room and dispersed). Flued heaters are slightly more expensive to install and slightly less efficient to run, but you need the right kind of ventilation for unflued heaters. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of gas heaters overall.

Pros – economical to run, quiet, and have ambient atmosphere due to the presence of a flame; great for if you need to leave a heater on for a long period of time as it’s more efficient and can be temperature controlled for a low heat. 

Cons – can be dangerous with gas, not great for small children; not great for heating a small space efficiently and not excellent for a house with just one person.

Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioners
These types of heaters are more expensive to buy, but once you’ve got them installed they’re very efficient and very effective in terms of heat generated. 

Pros – great for a larger space and for heating economically; can be set on a timer and left on all day if needed.

Cons – expensive to install, hard to regulate over a small space.

The best advice we can offer is that you need to consider what you’re looking to heat, and then choose the right kind of heater for your life. Don’t spend too much on something that you don’t need – and make sure you’re always safe. 

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