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My 1st Years Pink Fleece Blanket & Bear Baby Gift Set Review

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Every time a package arrives home, I would always feel excited even for items I order online but there is one package that I had been looking forward to receive. It is the one from My 1st Years! But since the item is from the UK, I needed to pick it up at the post office.

You can just imagine how happy I was to know that the package I was going to get is from My 1st Years. I also have other items for review from abroad so I didn't expect that it is already the package for Bella.

It came with a beautiful luxury box and a white bow on top. So, if you are going to buy from them for a gift, you will no longer need to buy a box or a paper bag because the items are already contained in a sturdy lovely box.

My 1st Years

My 1st Years

The box was just an introduction of charm and beauty because when we opened it, my little girl flashed a smile seeing a lovely pink blanket with her name on it and a bear stuffed toy that also has her name on it.

My 1st Years

My 1st Years create personalized items and gifts for babies and toddlers. They make gifts even more special because you can personalize it with the name of the child. Aside from that, the items are indeed of high quality!

What I got was the Pink Fleece Blanket & Bear Baby Gift Set worth £25.00. The 15cm tall bear was so cute, soft and cuddly. With the name on it, Bella was pretty sure it was hers!

The fleece blanket was so soft unlike the ones I already have. It is cold on the skin and would make your little one feel even more loved because of its softness and tenderness.

Aside from the name, the date of birth of the child can also be embroidered on the front. Although, Bella's date of birth was 08-09-2011. But that is fine. This is already awesome!

The fleece blanket is 70cm x 120cm, machine washable and is 100% polyester.

My 1st Years

Bella was indeed happy with this gift straight from Great Britain! Well, who would't be pleased, anyway?

My 1st Years

My 1st Years

With the website of My 1st Years, one can get automated personalisation processes, next day delivery option and free delivery on orders over £30. Shopping with My 1st Years is so quick and easy. Here is a video of what happens after you purchase a product from their site.

They have lovely products from shoes, bath robes, towels, clothes, blankets, accessories, and many more! When you get a gift set or just any product from them, it will surely bring joy to your little ones.

It is indeed true that My 1st Years is made with love as it will make any child feel very special!

Disclosure: I received a personalized product from My 1st Years. My review is not influenced by the company and is true and honest. Text and images are mine.

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5 (mga) komento

  1. So cute!!!! I want one now and I am an adult!!

  2. The blanket and bear are adorable! Someone bought my son a personalized blanket and bear when he was born, but I'm not sure where it came from. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  3. Wow it relly nice, is this delivered in your doorsteps :-)

  4. Looks so nice and comfy! I would be very excited to have something like this for my kiddies.

  5. I love fleece. Good thing that the box wasn't crushed.


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