Kid Hero Stories Review: Personalized Books for Your Little Loves!

Bella has developed her love for books since I introduced it to her at  an early age. She was four months when I bought her first book. Since then, she would be in all smiles upon seeing a book whenever I get home from the mall.

Bella has different kinds of books from cloth books to hard books. She actually love all types, even the ones on her iPad. With that, she get to appreciate eBooks and storybook apps.

Kid Hero Stories

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Yin who sent me creative personalized books wherein your own child could be in the story. When I checked her site, I was sure its gonna be amazing and I wasn't wrong!

Books from Kid Hero Stories are fun and exciting. A headshot of your child will be used to make it appear like they are the ones in the scene. The names are personalized too.

Kid Hero Stories sent us three eBooks, the Wonderful Adventures of Bella collectible series. The were three stories, The Art Class, Movie World and Rainy Days. Bella actually felt like she was really the one experiencing all those adventures from painting a swan, meeting Bugs Bunny and doing fun thing at home during a rainy day.

Its like Bella jumped into the book and directly got involved with the activities in the story.

I like the graphics too which is a subtle twist of reality since they are enhanced photos that were especially designed for the book. And yes,Bella’s head was beautifully scaled into a girl’s body. 

Here are some screenshots of the book from Bella's iPad. The one below is from the story Rainy Day where Bella did some fun things while in the house like making her own tepee!

Bella's Adventure

This one is from the book Movie World. Bella had fun with rides and met her fave characters! I had some trouble with this one because Bella kept on crying 'coz she wants to Movie World. Lol! You know how kids are!

Movie World story

And this is from the book Art Class where Bella painted a pavilion and even a swan who loved her painting that it took it away from her!

Art Class

You can let your child experience all the fun too by getting your own book. But it isn’t just fun, it will also teach your child new things and even encourage them to try new activities.If your child is hesitant to join in some activities , it would motivate them since they could see how fun it actually is.

Above all, if you can spend quality time with the kids even by using their gadgets. You can also help them develop their love for books. Who knows, this could be their stepping stone towards grabbing more eBooks or hard copy of books the love!

Train your kids to read books at an early stage because by reading, they can learn more! Get your own customized eBook for your kids from Kids Hero Stories. For sure, your kids will love it!

You an choose a book series depending on your child's age. The price is very affordable with a new book every week! For as low as $7.90 per mth, you can get four books. Or you can get 26 books for $38 and 52 books for $48! That would be a bunch of fun!

Go ahead and check the Kid Hero Stories website so you can avail of their amazing eBooks!

Disclosure: I received three ebooks from Kid Hero Stories for review. The review is my honest opinion about the products received. 


  1. What a fun idea for a personalized eBook for children! I'm really lucky that my children love all types of books also, and I think they would really like something like this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cute! My nephew and niece aren't this little anymore but it would've been a perfect gift.

  3. The books look gorgeous! I know my kids would have loved something like this when they were little.

  4. What a cute idea!! I love this.

    I do not have kids yet, but I will have to keep this thing in mind for the future :) Thanks for sharing!!

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    This is one of my favourite reviews to date.
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