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Mom Thinks Dad Will Miss Daughter's Recital, But She's Up For a Touching Surprise!

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I can't help but share this video. Such a touching way to show love and express love.

There is indeed a special bond between siblings and parents that can be undeniably seen in every move and in every word we say.

A little girl loves to dance and will be performing in a recital soon. She had been practicing for some time while her Dad made sure she won't be late for the rehearsals and would even accompany her sometimes.

When the recital day comes, Mom was looking for Dad and looked a depressed that he won't be able to watch their daughter's special day. But what she didn't know is that they are all there, only that they aren't on the same spot of the recital's venue.

Watch this touching video where you can see the love between parents and children:

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10 (mga) komento

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww.. reminds me to take more videos

  2. Watched it last week, this is really nice.. <3

  3. brings to mind a school event or two I had to miss in the past. This is heartwarming.

  4. Awww so sweet! I wish I had moments like this with my dad when I was young.

  5. I watched this video last week too.. I cried huhu, very touching

  6. aaaah... tumulo luha ko... nakikita ko ito sa feed ko pero di ko pinapansin ngayon ko lang napanuod... thank you! :)

  7. wow its so sweet, daddy will do anything for his girl


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