Floral Favorites for All-Time Events from Dress PH

I'm a woman who's a fan of Floral designed clothing.  Well, I guess most of us love dresses and clothing with florals. These days, flower prints are a trend. But it doesn't need to be floral prints all the time. It could also be fabric flowers or lace or whatever that take the shape and form of a flower.

Whenever I go shopping, floral prints, laces, or embellishments capture 100% of my attention. Why not? Clothes with this embellishments would always be a head turner from blouses to dresses. I have seen many clothes that will surely look lovely when worn. But not those that are overly designed and very flattering.

Since many of us ladies love clothes with floral designs, I am going to share with you some beautiful cocktail dresses that I came across online. Aside from the beautiful dresses they have, Dress PH also offer them at very affordable prices.

Hence, I am going to share with you some beautiful floral-inspired cocktail dresses that I have seen from their website. I have chosen two of my favorites as well as that of my girly friend.

White and Red Chiffon Off Shoulder Short Dress

white red cocktail dress

I always love anything that is red and white. This would be a gorgeous dress to wear to prom with the floral details on the upper part. Actuall,y it isn't an off shoulder dress like the name suggests. Its a tube. But whatever it is, that red bow sure is stunning!

Pink Floral Chiffon Short Dress for Cocktail Party Casual

floral dress

A beautiful casual dress that is made from chiffon with beautiful floral prints. I like it that it has a collar like that. Its stripes is nice too. This surely looked perfect with a hat!

Lovely, right? And here are more too that my friend loves:

Pink Lace Floral Short Dress for Cocktail Party Bridesmaid Prom

cocktail dress

This short dress is Pink (almost Old Rose in color) and looks pretty amazing on the back due to its lace and V-cut on the skirt. I can imagine myself wearing it with a pair of ballerina shoes. What do you think?

Green Lace Chiffon Short Sleeves Short Dress for Cocktail Party Casual Evening

floral dress

Available in 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL) this chiffon floral dress has caught my simple taste. I love looking at the white printed designs that look ultra classic!

I can't get enough of these dresses! I'm sure that if you head over to their website, you will see more beautiful dresses for parties, weddings or even just for casual days. You can even wear some of their dresses to church or Sunday worship.

Dress.ph actually has over a hundred new arrivals that will help you choose the right design for you on whatever occasions!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Everything is written by me and is not influenced by the sponsor.

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