The Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best Food for Babies (Infographics)

Of course, we always make sure that our babies would eat the right food at the right amount. What they eat while still babies could have a huge effect on them as they grow up. That is why we have to start early and make sure that they are eating healthy food while still young.

Choosing food for babies is a crucial thing for moms because we always want to make sure that they will acquire their much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients from it. Food cooked in your kitchen would be best but if you do not have the luxury of time to cook (especially for working moms), then you can try some ready to eat or easy to prepare food for the babies.

baby eating

I can recall, that when Bella was still a baby, I would cook mashed potatoes for her and even mash some rice with some vegetable soup. She would also eat squash too. Aside from that, I also let her eat Gerber and Cerelac on various flavors like peaches, peas, banana, chicken and others. There are so many flavors to choose from, each one could provide various nutrients to the baby. I could say that because she got used eating vegetables and healthy food while still a baby, she still love to eat veggies up to this date and would steer away for anything that is too sweet like candies. I know. I know you are srrprised because most kids hate veggies and love candies. Luckily, Bella is the other way around.

Going back to the food for babies, I have found a very helpful infographic that tells us what kind of food we can get for the baby, what to avoid, what certain food are perfect for specific ages, and others. Scroll down and take a look at the important information from this infographic.


Want to check this infographic from time to time to guide you in choosing the best food for your baby? Bookmark this post and get back to it when you want to. Also, don't forget to share this to your friends who are expecting or have babies.

Infographic Source: New Born Baby Zone
Veggies Image Credit: Preachers Institute


  1. Thanks for this! Will bookmark it.


  2. Yes I agree that we should serve healthy foods for our baby. My zd loves smash squash and tinolang isda even paksiw. :) He also a fruits lover. kahit anong fruits kinakain. hehe

  3. This is very timely, I have 8 months old and searching for a new variant of baby food. I would like to try yogurt on him kaso the pedia said NO. Pero okay lang naman daw based sa research ko. Yung food for 6 to 9 months ba need pa din i blender? Thanks!

  4. This infographic is really helpful! I think I'll have to save this one. Thanks!

  5. This is an excellent Infographic especially for first time moms!

  6. This is super helpful! I'll refer to it again when I need it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I came across the same infographic a while back when I was researching for Tamang Kain. My youngest just turned 6 months and we are slowly introducing solids along with continuous breastfeeding. We're starting with squash and we gave that to him for 3 days just to make sure he's not allergic. Infographics like these are indeed helpful, especially for first time moms.