What You Need to Know About Reading Glasses

As we age, our eyes get tired because of years of reading, working on the computer and other exposures that would affect our eye sight. We would reach a point when we can no longer read up close and would need to stretch our arms to read or we couldn't read when it's too far and needs to bring the material nearer in order to read. Whatever it is, reading glasses would be necessary if you think your eyes can no longer read when it's too near or too far.

Others would think that they can just leave it that way. But that wouldn't be good for your eyes. Help your eyes by wearing glasses. If reading is your mere problem, then buy some reading glasses that can aid you in reading books or even in using your iPad or your kindle.

reading glasses

There are two types of reading glasses, the full frame and the half-eyes. For the full frame, the entire lens is made in the reading prescription. It is suitable for people who concentrate in reading close-up. It is only intended for reading. When you look up across the room, everything would look blurry. So, you have to remove it when you walk around the house and just wear it when reading.

The half-eyes is the smaller "Ben Franklin" style glasses that sits lower down on the nose. It allows the user to look down while reading and look up to a distance through the upper part of the lens.

Most of the time, people would start using reading glasses first before getting a correctional lens that could be used for reading and for looking around the room.

There are also reading glasses that are foldable while some have UV protection for wearing outdoors.

Reading glasses can be a good addition to your fashion style. Hence, choose those that have beautiful frame designs that fit to the shape of your face just like Rodenstock eyeglass frames that would make you see better and look better. You can look into this infographic to check what shape looks best on you.

sunglasses style

Aside from the shape of the frame, look into the colors too as well as the prints of the frame. This can make you look fashionable and stylish too. Before you buy glasses, make sure that you get your eyes checked so that you can get the right lens prescription that is perfect for your eye sight. Choose those that are also within your budget. You can look into cheap glasses frames at Eyeweardock.com for quality reading glasses that are affordable and beautiful.

In my case, I don't just use reading glasses because I always wear glasses all the time. I just remove it when I sleep and bath. But I want to get a new pair with a better frame design that looks more stylish. I want to try the transitional lens so that it darkens when the sun is up and I would appear like wearing sunglasses.

wearing glasses

What I'm wearing right now as prescribed by my optometrist is a Blue Violet/UV rays eyeglasses since I always work on my laptop. Aside from being comfortable for long time exposure to the computer, it also looks nice because the lens turns blue when light strikes it.

So, did you learn something about eye glasses and reading glasses today? I hope you did. Or are you wearing one? If you are, what type?

Infographic source: Cosette's Beauty Pantry

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