Childhood Cancer: A Battle Worth Fighting For Our Little Angels

childhood cancer

Today, we have a guest post about something really heartbreaking that is experienced by some kids around the globe. Yes, this is out of our control but with a simple step and in a simple way, we can make cancer-stricken kids feel special and loved.

The least thing that we want our precious young ones to experience is to get hurt and so our hearts are crushed into pieces when we see them ailing. They don’t deserve the teeniest bit of pain as they are only about to see the world and live it.

But in as much as colds is common, cancer has been too and it’s sad to know that it is. It gives us goose bumps – the Valentine Wigs people in particular and I’m sure you as well. Imagine how vulnerable our little angels are and how much fun it is to enjoy youth. We stand to be ambassadors of hope because we know how much a struggle it is to have to go through so much pain. It isn’t just your child that suffers but you being the parents who only dreamed for the best future for your young one.

At first, we’ll feel betrayed. Who wouldn’t? The big question will always be “Why my child?” But the monstrous Big C knows no exemptions. It’s ruthless. The worst thing that it ever does at most is not giving signs at all. While our little angel disasters are busy chasing fun around, symptoms may be shrugged away by adults thinking that those are one of their “pettiness”. It may be normal for kids telling their mums and dads about a certain headache because they can always complain about anything but taking time to check what’s really going on will help big time. We don’t want any crippling surprise only to find out it’s already the Big C that hit your little love.

But while it’s inevitable, all we can do is be a little bit more sensitive to our children’s pleas. They may not say it all kids that they are but there’s sometimes more to a fever than just chilling, more to flu than just muscle or joint pain. It might already be the nightmare of a Big C.

It’s a battle that might be hard to fight for as you’d think you’re left empty handed after only being able to take your young one to the hospital for treatments and can do nothing to ease the pain in between. Yet it’s a battle worth fighting for. We can only be strong enough for them and inspire them more as much as they do to us.

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  1. That offers us all goose humps – the particular Valentines Wigs folks specifically and also I’m positive an individual at the same time. Envision just how prone our own tiny angels are usually and also simply how much entertaining it really is to take pleasure from children's. We all endure being ambassadors regarding desire due to the fact we realize simply how much challenging it really is to own to endure a great deal soreness.