DIY Crepe Paper Wall Flower Decors

Do you have a boring wall that you want to add some life and interesting appeal? There are so many ways to enhance the look of a wall. You can cover it with wallpaper, add a framed picture or a gallery, add a wall sculpture and even re-paint it. When painting, you can either paint it creatively combining different colors or add some texture to it.

Crepe Paper Flower

But you can also DIY some wall decors too. Yes, you can easily frame a photo but you can also make a flower that you can attach to the wall. This is what I did to my bedroom. There is a hole on the upper part of my wall because it was intended for an exhaust. Since, we don't need to install one anymore, I covered it with paper flowers.

It is very easy to make. And I want to share it with you. You can make something bigger or smaller ones- depending on what you need. For my crepe paper flowers wall decor, I made large ones because I need it to cover a hole on my wall.

What You Need:
Crepe Paper or Tissue Paper of different colors
String or ribbon
Cardboard as backing

How to Make Crepe Paper Flower

How to Make It:

1. First, cut the edge of the crepe paper with a scissor forming a curve. You can also cut it with a pointed design to get a different look for the flowers. Do the same with another color which should be shorter in length than the other one.
2. Top the shorter paper on the longer one. Make sure their curves are aligned.
3. Start folding them together in pleats, as seen on the picture.
4. When you are done folding, tie the center part with a ribbon or a string.
5. Slowly spread the paper and meet both ends together to form a circle.
6. Then pull the edges upward so it will bloom.
7. Pull all the edges for both the larger petals and the smaller petals.
8. Then, attach it to the cardboard or you can just install it directly to your wall.

For my flowers, I made three with different sizes. I added a gold circle which I glued on top. You can also add some strips of paper on top too like what I did with mine. I glued all three flowers on the cardboard before I installed it on the wall. Pretty easy, right?

You can make one for your home too!


  1. Those are beautiful! I think they'll look great in my office space or even as a garland for a party! Thank you for sharing! I love them so much!! So creative!

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    xo, Stephanie

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